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Fairyseason FAQ

What Should I Know If I Want to Track My Package?

  1. Your tracking number may take 1-3 days to become active from shipping date.
  2. If you can't find any tracking no. on your order list, Fairyseason is still preparing for your package. 
  3. If you can find more than 1 tracking no. on your order list, Fairyseason must have shipped in different packages. 
  4. if you find only part of items has no tracking no., Fairyseason is still preparing for the shipment of other items. 
  5. Tracking No. has 11 digits like: 70075154575, this kind of number is not for tracking your package.

Where to Find My Fairyseason Tracking No.?


  • Step1: Log into your account at fairyseason.com and find your orders. 
  • Step2: Find the Tracking No. on your order list 


  • Step1: Check the delivery notification email from Fairyseason and find the Tracking No.

What is the Promise Of Fairyseason?

  1. Customers will only be charged once for shipping costs.
  2. In the event ships for free, customer will be informed of the return shipment cost (estimates may be given based on the costs in shipping to customers) 
  3. No-restocking to be charged to the consumers for the return of the product. 

How Fairyseason Use My Information?

Fairyseason uses these information : 

  1. To deliver your purchases to you 
  2. To send you service messages and new products and services by text, e-mail, SMS or through app, such as order updates 
  3. To prevent and detect fraud against either you or FAIRYSEASON 
  4. To provide product recommendations 
  5. To ensure Fairyseason is giving you what you want 
  6. To take payment and give refunds 
  7. To perform our contract with you 
  8. To provide customer service and support 
  9. To improve website and set default options for you 
  10. To enable you to log into website simply 
  11. To make it easier for you to use www.fairyseason.com

What Personal Information is Collected?

  1. Your name and contact details 
  2. Your date of birth information 
  3. Your gender information 
  4. Your payment information 
  5. Your contact history with Fairyseason 
  6. Your purchase history and saved items 
  7. Information about your phone or laptop 
  8. Your IP address and location data 
  9. Information from accounts you link to Fairyseason
  10. Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions