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Round Table Pizza FAQ

What Payment Options are Available Through Online Ordering?

Payment options vary by restaurant. All options for a particular restaurant are presented to the customer on the checkout screen.

Why Do I Have to Locate to View the Menu?

Menus vary by restaurant. In order to provide you with the most detailed information possible, including prices, Round Table Pizza asks you to first locate and select the store you wish to order from. You do not have to complete the order, you can stop just at the menu. They also need to know if you are looking for take-out or delivery, as some items are available for one or the other. A generic menu is available at

How Does the Re-order Function Work?

The re-order function allows you to quickly repeat your previous orders. These functions are available only when you are logged into the system. This function has two options: repeating previous orders and reordering from a saved orders list.  

Repeating previous orders simply loads an order you have placed from your order history. Saved orders are orders that you have saved but have not necessarily submitted. To access these features, log in or create an account, then click on "My Account" in the upper-right corner of the site.

How Do I Reset My Password At Round Table Pizza?

If you have forgotten your password or simply want to change it, go to their locator and click "order online" from your preferred restaurant. Next, click on "Forgot Password" on the right side below the log-in fields. You will then land on the recover password page. Enter your email and click send. This will send an email to the address you entered and that email will include a link to reset your password. Be sure to check your junk mail filter.  

Passwords are not recoverable, they can only be reset; neither the restaurants nor Round Table Pizza have access to your password information.

I Want to Know What Round Table Pizza Use to Make the Cheese?

Round Table Pizza uses a cheese blend of 80% Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese, 10% Aged Cheddar and 10% Provolone. All their cheeses use a Microbial enzyme.

I Really Love Round Table Pizza But There are No Locations Near Me. Can I Have the Product Frozen and Shipped?

Unfortunately,  Round Table Pizza cannot ship their product due to food safety concerns.

Does Round Table Pizza Offer a Gluten Free Crust?

Currently, Round Table Pizza does not have a gluten–free crust offering. It is difficult to keep a product fresh when it moves very slowly due to low demand. Other chains can sometimes offer it because they freeze their products. Round Table Pizza doesn’t freeze their dough. Round Table Pizza rolls it fresh every morning. As demand for these products increases, Round Table Pizza will certainly revisit this option.

What Does “the Last Honest Pizza” Mean?

At Round Table, they are committed to the art of serving a great pizza. The “Last Honest Pizza” means only honest ingredients go into making the perfect pie. You won’t find shrink wrapped, factory chopped vegetables, inferior meats, or crates of frozen dough discs in their restaurants. Round Table Pizza rolls their dough fresh every day, never freeze their cheeses, and chop otheir veggies fresh at every restaurant. Their dough wheat is grown with care on family farms and used only for your Round Table pizza. That’s why they are the Last Honest Pizza; and that’s why nothing out there tastes like them.