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Cheap Flight Now FAQ

Why are There Different Charges On My Credit Card?

You will see separate charges on your credit/debit card for accounting reasons. However, when all amounts are added up they will not exceed the final amount you agreed to pay online.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined By Cheap Flight Now?

There are many reasons a card can be declined. Some problems include: insufficient funds, low daily spending limit, billing address verification failed, and internet fraud screening. Please know that in most cases the airline will only allow a flight request to hold for 24hrs before the fare expires and the request is canceled. You will be notified if your card is declined and you will have to contact the credit card company to clear up the problem. Once the problem is resolved you can call Help Desk, 24 x 7 to have the ticket processed.

Does Cheap Flight Now Accept Canadian Credit/ Debit Cards?

Yes, Cheap Flight Now does accept Canadian credit/debit cards for payment. The amount will be converted to Canadian dollars and these amounts are what will appear on your billing statements. Since the currency exchange rate is based upon your credit card company’s conversion rate tool at the time your charge is processed, your final amount may vary.

Are All Prices In US Dollars?

All of fares are listed in US Dollars. As stated on home page, all prices are quoted in US dollars. Cheap Flight Now does accept Canadian credit/debit card and the final charges on your Canadian statement will be in Canadian Dollars after price quote has been converted from US Dollars. Since the currency exchange rate is based upon your credit card company’s conversion rate tool at the time your charge is processed, your final amount may vary.

Does Cheap Flight Now Accept Prepaid Credit Cards?

Cheap Flight Now accepts most pre-paid credit cards however; they highly recommend using a standard credit card. The bank’s processing time, flexibility and ability differs greatly from that of a debit or credit card.

Can I Pay for the Ticket With a Debit Card?

Although Credit Cards are suggested, we do accept Debit cards with Visa or Master card logos on them. Debit cards normally have a lower daily spending limit which can cause complications when purchasing an airline ticket online. It is highly recommended you contact your bank prior to purchase to ensure the daily spending limit will cover the cost of ticket(s). Please advise them you are purchasing tickets online. This may also protect you from a security block being placed on your account. Also please note that Debit cards have a stricter fraud screening which can cause delays in confirmation. If for any reason your card is declined, you will be notified via email. Please be advised you will be responsible for contacting your bank to clear up any problems. The airlines have the right to lapse the fare and cancel the reservation when full payment is not received.

How Do I Pay for All Travel Products Such As Air Tickets, Insurance, Hotels Cars etc. Purchased Online?

The form of payment accepted to purchase online is a valid US or Canadian credit or debit card. Debit cards may be used but are generally subject to low daily limits that may cause the payment process to be rejected, i.e. Credit card declined. Cheap Flight Now accepts the following types of major credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Diners Club. If you do not have a valid credit card then tickets may not be purchased on-line. Only one card may be used to purchase the ticket(s) on a given reservation. To complete the purchase process you will need to enter information about the credit card and have this information validated before a ticket or a final confirmation is issued. If the entered credit card information is not valid then an error will be generated and an e-mail sent to you (at the e-mail address specified by you) indicating that the credit card has been declined. In order to keep the reservation you must call the Help Desk on Toll Free number 877-245-1390 and provide the Representative with valid credit card information within 24 hours of making the reservation, or the reservation may be terminated. Please be aware Cheap Flight Now has no control of the airlines taking their seats back for inventory purposes from an un-ticketed reservation without notice. Most credit card declines are the result of inaccurate information being entered into the website payment page such as transposing credit card digits, having the wrong security code or expiration date, or the name on the card and address are inconsistent. These problems can be remedied by simply calling Help Desk and correcting the entered data.

Is There a Discount On Infant Or a Child Fare At

For most US domestic travel, airlines do not offer a child discount and will charge full fare. For International travel, child and infant fares vary depending on the airline.

Can I Hold a Reservation?

Airline regulations prohibit Cheap Flight Now from holding reservations. To ensure you receive the discounted fare the tickets need to purchase the ticket(s) immediately. Airfares are not guaranteed until ticketed and the fare will expire if the reservation is not confirmed and ticketed.

Why Did I Receive a “Validation Error” When Trying to Book at

If you are receiving an error message it means that the airline is unable to confirm the requested flight at the fare listed as the airline inventory changes frequently.

Why is a Flight Or Fare Shown and Then Not Available When I Attempt to Book?

The Airline inventory changes frequently and thus airfares keep fluctuating. There is a possibility that from the time that you initially select a flight option until the time you confirm the reservation there is a revision in the fares and you may face difficulty in completing your reservation. Cheap Flight Now will suggest that you contact Help Desk on Toll free number 877-245-1390 to book your travel.

What If I Typed Wrong Name(s)?

Names on a Reservation can never be changed or altered for any reason. You can contact Help desk on Toll free number 877-245-1390 and representatives will check with the airlines if any amendments can be done.

What If I Typed In the Wrong Date and Time, What Do I Do?

Most airlines allow them to make a change on the Dates and time of a reservation. For any changes to the reservation, kindly contact Help Desk on Toll free number 877-245-1390 and the representatives will check on the airline penalties and rules for your specific ticket.