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Droom FAQ

How Can I Promote My Listing?

Droom has tightly integrated social media with app. Droom highly encourages you to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word in various online groups and across your networks. In case of any queries, Droom is happy to help - just shoot Droom an email at sellersupport@droom.in or call Droom at 1800 407 070707. 

Where Can I See My Listing Once It is Live?

You can see all your listings under "Store Manager", and on Droom website and mobile apps. Droom has further segregated your listing under Store Manager in three sections - "Draft", "Active" and "Expired" listings. It is imperative that you keep your listings up-to-date as buyers can write negative reviews for incorrect or misleading listings.

How Do I Manage My Ratings & Reviews On the Droom App?

Droom has a dedicated “Ratings and Reviews” section under Store Manager, where you can write or read the ratings and reviews given by the buyer. As a seller you can also rate and review a buyer. Droom also encourages users to give reviews and ratings on their purchased items as well as their experience with sellers.

What Happens If I Am Unable to Sell an Item At Droom?

Based on advanced analytics trends, Droom has found that providing exhaustive details, high quality pictures, competitive pricing (Check OBV), inspection report, history report, and a verified seller badge on listings make it very likely that your items will be sold within a few days. However, as Droom is primarily a technology platform to bring buyers and sellers together, Droom cannot ensure the sale of each and every listing on Droom.

Can I Reject a Best Offer?

Yes, it’s completely your decision to accept an offer. You have the right to reject any offer made by a buyer until you are satisfied.

What is Fixed Price?

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. Fixed Price is the traditional way to sell something with a fixed price tag. You can decide a listing price for your listed item and the buyer will have to make the deal at the fixed price only.

What are the Different Pricing Formats Available?

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. “Fixed Price” allows you to sell at a fixed price while “Best Offer” allows room for negotiation. “Auction” allows sellers to choose a starting price and sell to the highest bidder.

Can I Upload a New Listing On My Own?

Yes, Droom believes in transparency and gives freedom to sellers to create listings on their own. Based on the manufacturer details for any model and trim, Droom populate some basic features automatically to help you list the product in fraction of seconds.

What are the Minimum Requirements for Me to List an Item At Droom?

The bare minimum requirement to list an item at Droom is possession of the item with valid ownership documents. You just need to tell Droom the “Make-Model-Year-Trim” of the vehicle and we will auto-create the listing for you in less than 10 seconds. We highly encourage sellers to upload latest and high quality pictures of the vehicle.

On What Basis Does Droom Charge Listing Fees?

Droom is completely performance based marketplace where you pay only when you sell. As a seller you can upload as many listings as you want and there is no need to pay any listing fee.

How Much Do I Need to Pay to List My Items On Droom?

Droom provides a trusted and transparent platform to sell new and used vehicles. Droom doesn't believe in listing fee and you can upload as many listings as you want and market them to millions of internet users.