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Kids Casting FAQ

How Can I Contact Member Support?

You can contact Kids Casting's member support department by calling 1-800-981-1902 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST or emailing

What is a Basic Membership?

Basic is a free membership Kids Casting offers to allow new members to test drive the service.

How Do I Improve My Child's Chances Of Getting a Job?

First of all, utilize all of KidsCasting's services. Put up clear pictures of your kid in your profile and keep the profile updated, then apply to all the casting calls in your area that suit your child. People who apply to several casting calls every week have a much higher chance of finding work than people who only apply to one or two. Perseverance is key! However, make sure that you are submitting to the castings that are right for your kid! If you submit to every casting on the site, you're just going to irritate a lot of casting directors that may have otherwise gotten you work in the future.

How Can I Get My Child Started In the Entertainment Industry?

If your child has no acting experience and you would like to see what it's like to work in this exciting field, Kids Casting recommends that you start by submitting to casting calls seeking extras or background talent. No experience is needed. It's a great way to get on set and see how it all comes together. Kids Casting also recommends looking into auditions for short films or student films or looking into your local community theater. There are thousands of casting call opportunities that require little or no experience, it's a great way to just get your feet wet.

Make sure your kid's profile is filled and the photos are up to date; be persistent, be positive and stick with it.

Should an Agency Make Money Up Front?

NO. It is always unethical and, in most states, illegal for an agency to charge any upfront fees. An agency makes money by charging a commission on a job they help you get. Under no circumstances should you ever pay an agent an upfront fee of any kind. Another common trick is for agents or managers to refer you to expensive photographers. You always have the right to choose your own photographer. Beware of an agent or manager who insists that you use theirs. Please keep in mind in NOT an agency.

What Does an Agent and Agency Do for Kids Casting?

An agent will arrange for your appointments with clients and photographers. They will handle your schedule and take bookings, as well as negotiate rates and any other fees involved in an assignment. An agency will promote you with all of their clients in a variety of ways: through an agency book, over the Internet, and by sending your composites and book to clients for specific campaigns and any other pending jobs. They will collect fees on your behalf, and, in some cases, may advance you money.

How Do I Find Casting Calls In My Area?

  1. Log in to your KidsCasting account
  2. On the upper navigation menu click on "Casting Calls"

What is a Child Extra?

Child extra are kids in the background of a scene. They generally do not have any lines to speak so acting experience is not required. Extras can make up to $250 a day just standing or moving behind the main actors in movies, TV shows, commercials. There is a huge demand for extras all over the country.

What is a Casting Call?

A casting call is a job posting specifically seeking child actors, extras, dancers, models, musicians and other talent for various types of productions, such as, TV shows, movies, commercials, modeling and other entertainment related opportunities. The casting call will include the name of the production, a brief description of the project, where and when it is being filmed, and what type of kids they are seeking and the rate of pay to be expected. You can search and view all the KidsCasting casting calls from the "Casting Call" page.

How Do I Sign Up KidsCasting?

To register with KidsCasting complete the online registration form

How Does the KidsCasting Service Work?

KidsCasting allows casting directors, filmmakers, and talent recruiters to post casting calls with the purpose of hiring talented kids. Then parents are notified about new casting calls and are able to submit their kids profiles to a specific project that they are interested in. From there, a recruiter will normally review all profiles of potential candidates and contact the best candidates directly by sending a message.