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Luzern Labs FAQ

How Long Will Products Last Once They are Opened?

All Luzern products will be bio-active for 2 years, with the exception of our Serum Absolut V15 and Rescue. These two products should be used within 1 year.

Can I Use Luzern After Spa Treatments and Botox?

Yes, Luzern is an excellent choice after spa treatments. In fact, most Luzern customers are introduced to the brand in a professional setting. Luzern gives you everything you need to “feed the skin” with professional-grade active ingredients.

Should I Use Cosmeceutical Grade Products If My Skin is Young and Healthy?

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. As a rule, individuals who take good care of their skin using the right cleansers, active ingredients (such as vitamin, peptides, oxygen etc.) will build up a reserve in the dermis that kicks in as we age. This will give the skin the best possible environment for aging beautifully. Think of it like the difference between eating a diet of junk food and healthy food.

I Have Found Natural Products to Be Heavy In Oils, Alcohols and Fragrance, How is Luzern Different?

Natural skin care lines commonly use alcohol and oils to preserve the active ingredients in their skin care products. These systems of preservation are easy to formulate with and are inexpensive to use. While they are certainly safer than some other preservative systems, they are not always aesthetically pleasing. A heavy reliance on alcohol and oils can also irritate and dry out the skin. From the beginning, Luzern products have been formulated differently to feel lighter, smoother, and more luxurious.

I Have Used Natural and Organic Products In the Past, How is Luzern Different?

Natural and organic products are known for being highly ineffective. Fortunately, Luzern first and foremost  is a cosmeceutical company that formulates both clean and results-driven skin care. With Luzern, you no longer have to choose between safety and results. 

Are Alternative Preservatives Effective and Safe?

Yes. In fact, they are safer than using standard preservatives as they are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reaction. They also do not interfere with the health of the body, and they are better for the skin.

How are Bio-suisse Certified Ingredients Different Than Other Organic Ingredients?

Bio-Suisse Certified Ingredients are sourced from Alpine plants, found in high altitudes of the Swiss Alps. To survive in extreme weather conditions, species need to develop uniquely efficient protective factors. Studies have found that plants grown at higher altitudes contain higher concentrations of antioxidants to protect them from environmental assault and antioxidants are the basis of effective anti-aging skin care. Because of this unique Alpine "protective factor," Swiss extracts are accepted as the "gold standard" of organic extracts.

Why Does Luzern Labs Use High-altitude Bio-suisse Organic Actives In Luzern Products Rather Than Regular Organic Extracts?

It's simple — because they work better. Bio-Suisse Certified Extracts are grown at high -altitudes and are the "gold standard" of organic ingredients. Extracts grown in harsh Alpine conditions are scientifically proven to have higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, creating more effective anti-aging skin care.

How is Luzern Different From OTC (over the Counter) and Department Store Skincare?

OTC skincare formulations use inexpensive ingredients, unhealthy fillers, synthetic preservatives, and formulate with low percentages of actives. While active ingredients may be listed on the labels of these products, the actual percentages are often too low to deliver any results. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are more focused on things other than producing clean and safe skin care.

What Does Cosmeceutical Mean?

Cosmeceutical ingredients are high-actives, used at concentrated levels. When used in a topical treatment, cosmeceutical ingredients can change the way Luzern Labs' skin behaves. Luzern is committed to using cosmeceutical ingredients at high levels to ensure optimal results from every product.

What Makes Luzern Different From Other Skin Care Lines?

Luzern combines both Bio-Suisse and cosmeceutical-grade actives, formulating them into luxurious, safe, and clean products. The Luzern line is the ideal choice for people who want pure, toxin-free skin care but do not want to sacrifice results.