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OneTravel FAQ

What is a Consolidator?

Consolidators are wholesalers of airline tickets to retail travel agencies. These tickets are generally available through retail travel agencies only. 

OneTravel brings consolidator airfares directly to the consumer. Consolidators have an agreement with airlines to purchase certain seats in advance in big volumes, thereby bringing savings to the traveler. 

Most Consolidator tickets offer frequent flyer miles. Restrictions are similar to an advance purchase ticket. 

Consolidator Fares are generally 20-50% discounted than published fares, they may have similar or more restrictions. Cancellations and changes are usually more restrictive, so if you are set on your dates do not worry about the conditions. You may want to purchase Travel Insurance.

What Types Of Credit Cards are Accepted?

OneTravel accept Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club.

Your current billing address and phone information must be included with every order.

Sales Tax will be charged on certain products depending on the shipping address required by law.

If the Name Printed On My Boarding Pass is Different Than What Appears On My Government Id,will I Still Be Able to Fly?

The name you provide when booking your travel is used to perform the watch list matching before a boarding pass is ever issued. You should ensure that the name provided when booking your travel matches the government ID that you will use when traveling. 

Due to difference in boarding pass systems, boarding passes may not always display the exact name you provided when booking your travel. Differences such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, hyphens or apostrophes) should not cause a problem for the passenger.

What Does the Collision Insurance Cover?

If You rent a car while on the Covered Trip, and the car is damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not within Your control while in Your possession, the Company will pay the lesser of:

  • The cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired; or
  • The Actual Cash Value of the car, meaning purchase price less depreciation; or 
  • The amount shown on the Confirmation of Coverage. Other restrictions may apply.

I Have Been Charged More Than What Was Quoted, Why?

Confirm with your bank whether the charges in question have posted or are pending to your account. At the time of reservation a "pending charge" is placed on your account for the full amount. The bank/credit card company then puts a "hold" on that dollar amount, until the transaction either posts or is cleared. With a successful transaction, the charge will typically post to the account within 2 - 3 business days, at that time the money will be deducted from your account, and the "hold" will be released. At times the "pending hold" can show on your account after the charge has posted. Please allow time for the "pending hold" to return to your available credit. This is dependent on your banking institutions policies.

How Do I Change My Flights?

OneTravel has negotiated many different types of agreements with different airlines; thus, the rules and restrictions for exchanges and cancellations vary greatly if allowed at all. When allowed, airlines require that they collect a fee for the exchange plus any difference in fare when necessary. Exchange fees start at $125 USD and go as high as $350 USD. Your exchange agent can tell you when you call.