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SmartFares FAQ

Can I Make a Reservation Without a Credit Card?

A valid credit card is needed to guarantee the reservation with the hotel. However, you can make a booking using someone else's card provided you have their permission. If this is the case please mention the card holder's name, and that they have given permission for you to use their card, in the 'comments' box when you make your reservation.

What Does the Price Include?

All the facilities listed under the room type are included in the room price. To see the facilities, just click on the room name. You can see if breakfast or anything else, such as taxes, are included by rolling your curser over the text in the column called 'Conditions'. This information will also be in your confirmation email.

Why Do I Have to Change Airports?

Itineraries will sometimes involve an airport transfer when certain airlines don’t fly to your requested destination from one airport to another such as EWR and JFK in New York City. The switch of airports is carried out at the travelers own expense and will require the traveler to collect their luggage and transfer to the next airport where he/she will then check-in with the next scheduled airline. Most itineraries that involve a switch of airports are normally priced lower which is why it is offered as a viable option on the website.

What Identification Do Children Need At the Airport?

For domestic travel in the U.S., passengers under the age of 18 are not required to have identification. However, the adults who are responsible for the child at the departure airport and arrival airport are required to have identification. While the airlines typically do not specify the identification required for the adult who drops off or picks up the child, the same kinds of photo identification that an adult uses for airline travel should be sufficient and/or a valid Birth Certificate.

If a child is traveling unaccompanied on an international flight, there may be additional requirements such as Passports/Visas. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to have additional documentation to allow a child to leave the departure country or to enter the destination country. Contact the appropriate authorities for each involved country to ensure that all requirements are being met.

How Do I Travel With an Electronic Ticket?

Electronic tickets (e-tickets) make traveling convenient as it eliminates the worry of loss or theft of your paper tickets. You will be required to carry government issued photo identification (such as driver’s license or passport) for check-in, to the airport.

Some airlines may allow check-in online and print your boarding pass up to 24 hours in advance. Passengers must have a printed boarding pass in order to proceed through security and those who do not have a boarding pass should go to the airline ticket counter prior to going through the security checkpoint.

It is advisable that you reconfirm your flights at least 72hrs prior to departure directly with the airline.

Why Did I Not Receive My Tickets In the Mail?

If you have not received tickets in the mail it is most likely because you were issued electronic tickets (e-tickets). If you were issued e-tickets your email confirmation serves as your ticket receipt. The airline will only require a valid government issued ID such as a passport/Drivers license/state ID in order to check in and receive a boarding pass.

I Have a Confirmed Reservation On 2 Or More Airlines. Why are You Unable to Issue My Ticket?

Some airlines do not have ticketing and/or baggage transfer agreements with each other therefore causing the itinerary you chose to be invalid and unable to be confirmed and ticketed by the airline. If this situation arises your request will be cancelled and nothing will be charged to your card.

Why are There Different Charges On My Credit Card?

You will see separate charges on your credit/debit card for accounting reasons. However, when all amounts are added up they will not exceed the final amount you agreed to pay online.

Is There a Service Fee for Purchasing My Ticket Through the Website?

Yes, all service fees and taxes are included into your final total when searching online for a flight. You are able to click on the "taxes/fees" choice to see a breakdown of all separate amounts that create your final total and amount charged to your card

Why Was My Credit Card Declined on SmartFares?

There are many reasons a card can be declined. Some problems include: insufficient funds, low daily spending limit, billing address verification failed, and internet fraud screening.

Does SmartFares Accept Canadian Credit/debit Cards?

Yes, SmartFares does accept Canadian credit/debit cards for payment. The amount will be converted to Canadian dollars and these amounts are what will appear on your billing statements. Since the currency exchange rate is based upon your credit card company’s conversion rate tool at the time your charge is processed, your final amount may vary.

How Do I Pay for All Travel Products Such As Air Tickets, Insurance, Hotels Etc. Purchased Online?

The form of payment accepted to purchase online is a valid US or Canadian credit or debit card. Debit cards may be used but are generally subject to low daily limits that may cause the payment process to be rejected, i.e. Credit card declined. SmartFares accepts the following types of major credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Diners Club. If you do not have a valid credit card then tickets may not be purchased on-line. Only one card may be used to purchase the ticket(s) on a given reservation.

Is There a Discount On Infant Or a Child Fare?

For most US domestic travel, airlines do not offer a child discount and will charge full fare. For International travel, child and infant fares vary depending on the airline.

Why Did I Receive a "Validation Error" When Trying to Book?

If you are receiving an error message it means that the airline is unable to confirm the requested flight at the fare listed as the airline inventory changes frequently.

Why is a Flight Or Fare Shown and Then Not Available When I Attempt to Book It?

The Airline inventory changes frequently and thus airfares keep fluctuating. There is a possibility that from the time that you initially select a flight option until the time you confirm the reservation there is a revision in the fares and you may face difficulty in completing your reservation. SmartFares suggests that you contact the Help Desk on our Toll free number 877-245-3755 to book your travel.

What If I Typed In the Wrong Date and Time?

Most airlines allow us to make a change on the Dates and time of a reservation. For any changes to the reservation, kindly contact our Help Desk on Toll free number 877-245-3755 and the representatives will check on the airline penalties and rules for your specific ticket