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Swiss Diamond FAQ

Why Can't I Use an Aerosol Spray?

Aerosol nonstick sprays, like Pam® and Mazola®, contain additives that will coat your nonstick pan and prevent it from working properly. As an alternative, try an oil mister like Mist-O® filled with a recommended oil.

Should I Preheat My Pan?

When done correctly, preheating your pan can improve performance. Use a medium heat setting to preheat your pan for 2 to 3 minutes before adding food. Be careful not to overheat your pan, as this can damage the nonstick coating. To test if your pan is preheated, sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface. If the water sizzles gently, the pan is ready to use. If the water evaporates or sizzles strongly, immediately turn the heat down - your pan is too hot! Allow the pan to cool a little, and test again in 3 minutes. Never preheat an empty pan longer than 5 minutes.

Where are Swiss Diamond Products Made?

Diamond coated products including: Swiss Diamond Classic, Induction, HD Pro, and Swiss Titan are made in Sierre, Switzerland.

Swiss Diamond Premium Steel, Prestige Knives, Kitchen Tools, and Electrics are designed in Switzerland and manufactured according to their own rigorous standards in P.R.C.

Is HD PRO Collection Better Than Swiss Diamond Classic?

The HD PRO collection offers a different cooking experience than Swiss Diamond Classic. It features a stainless steel exterior, which some chefs find more attractive. In addition, the fry pans have a stainless steel handle which is angled to optimize “the flip” - a wrist movement to toss food in the pan - while Classic handles are more ergonomically shaped. Other than that, there is no difference in performance: both HD PRO and Classic fry pans are made in Switzerland, conduct heat evenly, feature the high-performance HD nonstick coating, and are oven-safe up to 260 degrees C / 500 degrees F. HD PRO fry pans are also suitable for induction cooktops. If you do not own an induction stove, there is no additional benefit to induction pans. One additional consideration: if you cook on a gas flame, the base and sides of the HD PRO stainless steel pan may become discolored; this does not affect performance, but requires a fair amount of elbow grease to remove. With a standard fry pan, this discoloration is less noticeable on the sides of the pan, because of its dark color.

What is the HD PRO Collection?

Unlike Swiss Diamond Classic cookware, which is made of cast aluminum, Swiss Diamond's HD PRO collection is made of tri-ply stainless steel with an aluminum core. Its interior surface features the same HD nonstick coating used on all Swiss Diamond products. A new dimension in professional home cookware, the HD PRO collection is ideal for demanding chefs.

Does Swiss Diamond Use PTFE?

Yes. PTFE is naturally inert, and there is no evidence that PTFE is unhealthy when used according to the Use & Care instructions. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a watchdog organization dedicated to informing consumers about potentially toxic ingredients in common products, confirms that PTFE is not considered an environmental toxin, is not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful, and is not suspected to be bioaccumulative. Swiss Diamond's nonstick coating is an exclusive PTFE-based formula manufactured in Sierre, Switzerland. Each component of the formula is carefully sourced and imported under strict European health and safety regulations. Swiss Diamond does not use a pre-fabricated base such as DuPont Teflon®. Manufacturing our nonstick coating in-house guarantees we know exactly what goes into it -- and Swiss Diamond is proud to use it with their own families. In-house production is also eco-friendly: it reduces transportation emissions and packaging normally needed to ship the finished product.

Is Swiss Diamond Approved for Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking?

Yes! Swiss Diamond is honored to announce that the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) tested Swiss Diamond products and awarded nonstick cookware with the AVA Certification.

According to the AVA, Swiss Diamond cookware is particularly suited for the preparation of vegetarian and vegan dishes due to its high-quality nonstick coating and the overall good workmanship of the products. "The Swiss Diamond fry pan performed beyond our team’s expectations,” explains AVA Executive Director Len Torine, “There was virtually no sticking of any food particles during our tests and Swiss Diamond was impressed that not even melded cheese would stick to the pan."

Is Swiss Diamond Suitable for Healthy Cooking?

Yes! In fact, Swiss Diamond cookware is designed for cooking without oil. This is an easy way to trim fat and calories from every meal. For best results when cooking without oil, Swiss Diamond will suggest preheating the pan over medium heat for two to three minutes before adding food. For additional health benefits, all Swiss Diamond handles are tightly threaded to exterior metal bolsters cast as one piece with the body of the cookware. This unique method eliminates interior rivets, preventing food build-up that can lead to bacterial growth. Swiss Diamond is even recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for the preparation of vegan and vegetarian meals. Adding extra vegetables and fruits to your weekly meal plan is easy with Swiss Diamond!