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    Boom! Bonus blade. This trimmer is ideal for detail work, like beards and bikini lines.

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    20% Off Dorco Classic Razor + Free Shipping

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    $4.51 Off Dorco Pace 6 Plus Mens Razor + Free Shipping

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    52% Off Lucky 7 Starter Set + Free Razors N Foam Pack

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    30% Off Lucky 7 Shaving Combo Set + Free Razors N Foam Pack

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    32% Off Dorco Prime Starter Set + Free Razors N Foam Pack

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    All Orders Ship for Only $1.99!

Dorco FAQ

If I Purchase an Order, Am I Purchasing a Monthly Subscription?

There is no subscription service for products. When you purchase the products, it is a one time order and you will not be charged on a monthly or yearly basis or receive products on a monthly basis.

Can I Just Purchase Razor Handles?

There is no separate handles to sell. All razor handles include at least 1 cartridge.

Why Am I Having Trouble Placing an Order?

Please try to place your order again. You can clearing your cookies and attempting to checkout with a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you are trying to place your order via your smart phone, please try using a computer.

If My Order is Wrong, Can I Modify It?

It is unable to modify orders after they are placed. However, the seller could cancel your order for you so that you can reorder the correct items, if your order is Awaiting Fulfillment and has not shipped out.

I Purchased the Products From Amazon; Can I Return Or Exchange Items?

All return requests for Dorco products purchased on Amazon must be processed through the seller in which you bought them from. Please contact the original merchant.

Can I Try Out Dorco Products for Free Before Buying Them?

All orders under $6.99 are available to ship for $2.99, so if you're looking to test out a specific razor or cartridge, you'll be able to with this special shipping offer. Should you decide to reorder product after your experience, you'll be able to take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $10 worth of product provided you're shipping within the U.S.

Do All Dorco Razor System Handles Fit All Dorco Cartridges?

Yes, all Dorco razor systems and cartridges on the website with the exception of the Pace Comfort Thin II (TNA3006) are interchangeable. You’d be able to use a 4 blade razor handle with a 3, 4, 6 or 7 blade razor cartridge. This works for all systems and cartridges on the site -- both men's and women's.

Can Dorco Products Be Shipped Outside Of the U.s. Or Canada?

The products are not shipped outside of the United States or Canada. If you have an address within the United States or Canada that they could ship to, you most definitely would be able to order the products that way.

What is the Carrier Of Shipping?

USPS is as the shipping carrier unless a different shipping method is chosen during the checkout process. The option for UPS can be chosen at checkout. However, additional fees may apply.

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

Most orders are fulfilled within 4 business days. Orders should arrive within 5-8 business days. Once your order has shipped, you'll receive an additional email letting you know your package is on its way. Please note budget shipments to Canada may take up to 15 business days to arrive after it is shipped.