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What is the Best Way to Anchor the Training Ropes?

Using SPRI’s Training Rope Anchor Station.

Other Than the Cover, is There Any Difference Between the Covered and Non-covered Training Ropes?

No, both ropes respond and performance equally.

What’s the Advantage to the Covered Vs. Non-covered Training Rope?

A covered rope is designed to wear longer and resist fraying, making it a more durable, longer-lasting rope.

How Do I Know Which Rope to Purchase?

When purchasing a Training Rope take into consideration the length and the diameter of the rope. The length of the rope dictates the overall weight of the rope and the exercise area required. The diameter of the rope also influences the weight of the rope as well as grip size. A 40’ or 45’ long rope X 1 ½” diameter accommodates most and is a great place to start.

What Size Inner Bags Come With the 50lb and 100lb Performance Bag?

The 50lb Performance Bag comes complete with one 20lb filler bag and three 10lb filler bags. The 100lb Performance Bag comes with three 20lb filler bags and four 10lb filler bags.

What is the Advantage Of Using a Kettleball Vs. a Kettlebell?

The Kettleball is soft and easier on floors, and more comfortable when coming in contact with the body than the Kettlebell.

What is the Filling Inside the Fitbags?

The FitBags are filled with sand.

What is the Difference Between the Spri® Slam Ball and the Spri® Dead Weight Slam Balls?

The SPRI® Slam Ball is designed to bounce when slammed against surfaces, while the SPRI® Dead Weight Slam Ball does not bounce when slammed.

How Long Should the Stability Ball Last?

The lifespan of SPRI’s stability balls depends upon the amount of use and proper care. All SPRI products are warrantied for 90 days. SPRI recommends inspecting all stability ball products on a regular basis and replacing every 1-2 years to ensure the best possible performance.

How Often Should I Re-inflate My Stability Ball?

You should re-inflate your stability ball anytime you notice it is underinflated, based on SPRI’s recommended inflation guidelines. SPRI recommends you check your ball before each workout. SPRI will suggest the following when inflating your ball: 

  • 45cm – Max inflation – 16.5” (45cm)
  • 55cm – Max inflation – 21” (55cm)
  • 65cm – Max inflation – 25” (65cm)
  • 75cm – Max inflation – 29” (75cm)

How Do I Know What Size Ball is Right for Me?

SPRI will suggest the following guidelines when choosing the right ball for you: 

  • 45cm – For heights under 5’
  • 55cm – For heights between 5’ – 5’7”
  • 65cm – For heights between 5’8” – 6’3”
  • 75cm – For heights over 6’3”

Can SPRI’s Tubing Be Used In Pools?

Yes, SPRI’s tubing can be used in pools, however it must be rinsed thoroughly in non-chlorinated water and hung to thoroughly dry after each use. In addition, it is recommended that the Xertube® with Sleeve or Braided Xertube® is used in pools with a rough surface bottom.

How Far Can Tubing Be Stretched?

It is recommended that the tubing be stretched no further than 1.5 times its resting length to minimize breakage and ensure the lifespan of the tubing.

How Long Should My Tubing Products Last?

The lifespan of SPRI’s tubing products depends upon the amount of use and proper care. All of SPRI’s products are warrantied for 90 days. SPRI recommends inspecting all tubing products on a regular basis and replacing annually to ensure the best possible performance.

How Do I Clean My Tubes?

Tubing products should be cleaned using a damp cloth with water and mild soap.

Are Any Of SPRI’S Rubber Resistance Products Latex Free?

No, all rubber resistance tubings contains latex.

What is the Proper Way to Put On a Lex Loop / Xercuff®?

The proper way to put on either the Lex Loop or the Xercuff® is to step into the middle of the tubing ring with both feet then secure the cuffs to ankles. The rubber tubing should always be on the outside of your ankles.

Is the Resistance Of the Braided Xertube® the Same As the Resistance Of the Original Xertube®?

No, the resistance provided by the Braided Xertube® is slightly greater than the resistance on the Original Xertube®. For example: 

Yellow Braided Xertube® = Resistance level in-between Yellow/Green Original Xertube® Green Braided Xertube® = Resistance level in-between Green/Red Original Xertube® Red Braided Xertube® = Resistance level in-between Red/Blue Original Xertube® Blue Braided Xertube® = Resistance level in-between Blue/Purple Original Xertube®.

What are the Lengths Of the Different Xertube® Products?

The length of each type of Xertube® depends on the desired extensibility of that product: 

  • Original Xertubes® range from 44” – 54” depending on the resistance level
  • Braided Xertubes® are all 55” long
  • Braided Xertube® Plus’ are all 70” long

What are the Weights / Pounds for Each Color Of SPRI’s Tubing Products?

The weight / pounds of the tubes varies considerably depending on the product configuration, body type, exercise being performed and the distance that the tubing is stretched. The following can be used as a general guideline for all single-strand tubing products: 

  • Yellow +/- 10lbs
  • Green +/- 20lbs
  • Red +/- 30lbs
  • Blue +/- 40lbs
  • Purple +/- 50lbs 

Dual-stranded tubing products provide up to 2x more resistance than single-strand tubing products.