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Dualens FAQ

What Do I Do If My Product Was Damaged?

If your product was damaged during shipping, contact the customer service for a refund.

Can I Track My Order on Dualens?

A order tracking number will be provided once your order has finished processing. You can also view your tracking number in the order history section of your account page.

How Long Does It Take for My Order to Ship from Dualens?

Shipping will vary depending on size and location of your order, but will generally take 5-7 business days.

How Much Does Shipping Cost of Dualens?

Shipping cost varies with location.

What Payment Methods Does Dualens Accepts?

Dualens accepts most credit cards and PayPal.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

The polarized filter is made of molecules that naturally line parallel to each other and, when applied consistently to a lens, creates a microscopic filter than absorbs any light matching their alignment. Most of the annoying glares that make us want to wear polarized lenses occur from horizontal surfaces, thus the polarized filter applied to lenses are aligned vertically to block horizontally polarized light and to allow vertically polarized light to pass through in turn reducing the amount of glare that comes from horizontally polarized light.

How Do I Clean My Glasses?

Keeping your glasses clean will help prevent scratches to your lens and ensure the sharpest vision possible for your lenses.

  1. Wash and dry your hands carefully.
    It is important for your hands to be clean before washing your glasses, because the dirt and germs from your hands may transfer to the lenses. Don’t forget the soap!
  2. Rinse your glasses under lukewarm water.
    This step ensures the debris are removed from your glasses prior to scrubbing them. Avoid hot water, because acetate can deform under hot temperatures.
  3. Apply a small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens.
    You only need a tiny amount, because dishwashing soap is typically very concentrated.
  4. Gently rub both sides of the lens and all over the frames. Make sure you clean every part of the frame, including the nose pads and the temples. Also clean out the area where the lenses meet the frames, because dust can be trapped in those tiny crevices.
  5. Rinse both sides of the lenses and frames.
    Use lukewarm water to remove all traces of soap, especially the lenses. If the soap dries out on the lenses, smudges may appear.
  6. Carefully dry the lenses and frames with a lint-free towel.
    Make sure your towel is clean before drying your glasses. Inspect the frames after drying. If you find that you have missed a spot, repeats the previous steps again.
  7. For daily cleaning, a microfiber cloth like the one provided from Dualens is suggested.

What are Digital Protection Lenses?

Over the past decade, digital media has become more and more prevalent. Digital media once dominated by only television is now supplemented with computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other multimedia devices. According to the Nielsen Company Audience Report, the average adult in the United States spends roughly 11 hours each day consuming digital media. That’s a lot of screen time! Considering that the average person is awake for only 16-18 hours, we are spending ~65% of our awake time in front of a screen.

These countless hours spent on reading from a screen can be potentially harmful to our eyes. Many of us have probably been exposed to these symptoms one point in time - dry eyes, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. These factors have been dubbed computer vision syndrome.

How Do I Read My Glasses Prescription?

Glasses prescriptions ensure that your lenses are made specifically tailored to your eyes. Prescriptions are usually written in a chart format comprised of two rows and five columns. The two rows represent each eye (right and left), while the five columns represent different features that describe your prescription.

The first thing you will see on your prescription are the areas labeled OD and OS. OD stands for oculus dexter, but simply put, OD refers to your right eye. OS stands for oculus sinester or your left eye. Sometimes these terms are replaced with R and L – right and left.

The first thing you will see on your prescription are the areas labeled OD and OS. OD stands for oculus dexter, but simply put, OD refers to your right eye. OS stands for oculus sinester or your left eye. Sometimes these terms are replaced with R and L – right and left.

How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)?

The PD is a crucial number when purchasing prescription glasses. PD or Pupillary distance refers to the distance between the center of each pupil and helps correctly position the lenses to ensure proper vision. The PD number is sometimes included in your prescription but may often be omitted by your eye care professional.

You can measure your PD by yourself or with the help of a friend.

While holding a ruler with the mm side facing up, place one end directly below the center of your eye. Align the ruler horizontally to the center of the opposing eye and measure the distance between the two eyes. It is important that you are looking straight forward when measuring for the most accurate number.