How Do I Cancel an Order At

If you'd like to cancel your order or an individual item please call our customer service number on 1-877-407-4675 as soon as possible, Simply Be is open 7 days a week, 7am-11pm EST. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel orders through the website.

Simply Be will do what they can to accommodate your request, but please note that their systems are designed to get orders on their way quickly and efficiently. Therefore, Simply Be cannot change or cancel an order once it has entered the shipping process.

If your cancellation or change request is received after the goods have entered the shipping process, they will be shipped and charged. They will, however, be subject to our normal FREE returns policy described above should you wish to return them.

Please note: If you cancel an item that qualified you for a promotion or special discount, you may no longer receive that discount or promotion. Where Simply Be notify you that items are backordered or will be delayed in delivery, your cancellation rights will be specified in their communications to you.

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