Tracking Shows "delivered" But I Haven't Received Anything, Why?

Occasionally, a carrier will scan a package as delivered before it arrives at the final destination. It may take an additional day or two for your package to be delivered.

If your package hasn't arrived within two days of the delivery scan: 

  • Check with members of your household, neighbors, doormen, and the front desk to see if someone accepted delivery. 
  • Look around your delivery area. Carriers try to leave packages in safe locations. Typical spots include under porches, under benches, back doors, and around garages.
  • Check your mailbox.
  • Look for an attempted delivery notice. If the carrier feels it is unsafe to leave your package at your residence, the driver will leave an attempted delivery notice.

If your package still hasn't arrived two days after the delivery scan:

  • Visit My Orders page and select 'Return or Replace Items' to report a missing package.

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