What If I Need to Make a Return?

Your return request can only be processed after your new GhostBed has been in your home for 30-days. Your request to return the mattress under their 101-Night sleep trial must be made after the initial 30-days and PRIOR to the 101st day. If the return request is received after the end of your 101-Night sleep trial, a refund is not available. If your documentation is received later than 30-days after your 101-Night trial, the ability to return and secure your refund will NOT be honored. If your purchase was made using a GROUPON Coupon or another online voucher program, their 101-Night sleep trial is not valid with your purchase.

Please note only one mattress is returnable per household.

If you purchased your GhostBed through Amazon, please make your return request directly through them by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon Return Page www.amazon.com/returns/order
  2. Find your item
  3. Select “Return or Replace Item”

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