What is the story of Turquoise?

The story began over 40 years ago, when turquoise was a huge fashion trend, and Albuquerque’s Route 66 was the hub of turquoise jewelry trading. Bill was a college graduate with a passion for this gemstone, as well as for the southwestern lifestyle. He was swept away by the sky stone, and would become one of its greatest champions. Meanwhile, in a little trading post in northern Minnesota, a little girl named Carolyn would carefully select her first turquoise ring while on summer vacation. Their love of turquoise and jewelry would bring them together in 1993.

The world has had a fascination for turquoise for over 7000 years. The oldest known example of any jewelry was a carved turquoise and gold bracelet found on the mummy of an Egyptian queen. In the American Southwest, Native Americans have mined turquoise since prehistoric times. Many legends surround turquoise, it is believed to bring good fortune and health. While turquoise was once used as currency in the American Southwest, it has been treasured as an adornment throughout the centuries worldwide.  

For the past 20 years, Bill and Carolyn have experienced the evolution of turquoise jewelry from its appeal as southwestern, Native American or tourist jewelry, to one of the most coveted gems set into designer jewelry worldwide. Coveted, that is, only if you are talking about true, genuine turquoise. And so our turquoise love story continues.

While the demand for turquoise has increased dramatically, the supply of genuine turquoise is limited. In an effort to satisfy the demand for turquoise, many have turned to man-made imitations, often plastic or other dyed material. Relios has remained true to its turquoise commitment to our collectors. We work closely with our suppliers and test all of our turquoise through the Gemological Institute of America, in order to assure you that your Relios piece is Genuine Turquoise just like all of our gemstones. We know that you will cherish your turquoise jewelry for years to come. In order to protect it from the chemicals, lotions, and soaps we use in our daily lives, your turquoise is treated by a process of impregnation, commonly called “stabilized,” endorsed by the GIA. This will ensure your genuine turquoise will bring you everlasting beauty… and your very own endless turquoise love story.

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