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Tilley FAQ

How Long Will My Guarantee Replacement Take?

Hat & Clothing Replacements can take between 4 - 6 weeks to process. We promise we are working hard to unite you with your Hat/Clothing so you can continue your adventures.

Tip: The start of summer is always our busiest time, so sending your Hat back in the off-season usually means a quicker turnaround.

What UV/sun Protection Rating Has Been Given to Hats and Clothing?

Most Tilley fabrics have been tested and rated for the UV protection factor given for fabrics. The UPF rating factor is listed in the product FEATURES. Most Tilley fabrics have been rated UPF 50+, the maximum rating given. If no UPF rating is listed, it means the fabric is too sheer to provide at the minimum a Good UPF rating.

How to Care for Non-washable Tilley Hats?

First, check the label for care instructions.

If your Hat is hand-wash only, please wash in warm or cool water. Gently using a scrub brush with any soap that DOES NOT contain bleach or any type of whiteners.

If you Hat is spot wash only, use a soft, dampened cloth where to clean soiled areas. Most spot clean only Hats have a removeable sweatband that may be hand-washed in warm water and soap and then air-dried.

If your Hat is Dry Clean Only, please get it professionally cleaned.

What Makes the Hat Float?

It is a combination of features, but primarily it's the floatation device in the crown of the Hat, and sometimes also in the brim.

How Do I Tuck Away the Cords Inside the Crown?

Slide the knots towards each other until they’re about two inches apart. With a flick of your wrist, plop the cords into the crown. You can also tuck part of the cord into the pocket in the crown.

How Do I Adjust the Back Cord On My Tilley Hat?

To tighten the back cord, simply slide the knots away from each other.

How Do I Adjust My Tilley Hat for Windy Conditions?

The wind cord allows you to wear your Tilley Hat comfortably, yet securely. In light winds place the double section of the cord snugly behind your head. In heavy winds, also place the single cord under your chin.

How Do I Make the Hat Tighter?

Spread the knots on the back cord as far as possible.

Gently pull on the front cord until the back cord is taut (stretching from eyelet to eyelet).

With the back cord behind your head, put the hat on and adjust the back cord to the desired tightness.

How Should My Hat Fit?

The Tilley Hat fits more comfortably than other hats. It’s designed to be worn low on your head and slightly loose. It should be held on by gravity, not by painful pressure on your forehead! When it’s windy, use the cord!