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    Create Your Own Fully Customised Makeup Palette. Choose the products and create the design. Beauty By You.

Beautonomy FAQ

I Live Outside the Sunny UK, Will I Be Charged Customs Fees?

It all depends on the country, but it’s on you to pay customs charges. But there’s just no way of knowing how much it will be, something Beautonomy would need in order to be able to include it in the upfront costs.

How Do I Track My Order On Beautonomy?

You can keep an eye on your VIP (Very Important Parcel) through the Royal Mail. There’s a link in the email Beautonomy sends once your order is dispatched, check it out.

I Need My Beautonomy Fix, How Long Will It Take?

Now that depends on where you are, all orders take 3-5 working days to print (subject to demand) and then shipping varies depending on where in the world you are;

UK orders - up to 5 working days (often much shorter!)

European orders - up to 7 working days

International orders - up to 10 working days

My Palette Has Been/is Being Returned to Sender, How Can I Make Sure I Still Get My Palette?

Once your palette arrives back in the hands Beautonomy will confirm your current address and get this sent back out to you free of charge!

Beautonomy will store parcels for approximately 5 months from point of order to ensure everyone gets a chance to have their parcel redelivered! (eg. if an order from November makes its way back to Beautonomy, Beautonomy will store this parcel until the end of March at which point Beautonomy will get rid of it.)