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Caudalie FAQ

What Payment Methods are Available?

Caudalie offers the below payment methods:  

  • All Major Credit cards 

Other payment methods (check, cash or bank transfer) are not accepted.

Have Caudalie Products Been Tested for Skin Tolerance?

Before being put on the market, all products undergo numerous quality, tolerance and effectiveness tests under dermatological control, by an independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Health.

How Long Can I Keep a Product Once I Have Opened It?

The PAO, or Period After Opening, generally varies between 6 months to 24 months. This period is indicated on the packaging of all products (in the form of an open jar symbol with a number and the letter "M").

How Long Can I Keep a Product Before Opening It?

Caudalie's formulas have proven stability of more than 30 months, before opening.

Do the Products Contain Preservatives?

To preserve formulas, Caudalie use ingredients authorized by Ecocert, and always in minimal quantities.

Are Caudalie Products Organic?

Not all Caudalie products are certified organic, but Caudalie prioritizes natural-origin and organic ingredients. 

Caudalie has created its own strict and sustainable “Cosm-ethics” charter: 

You will not find any parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate or animal-derived ingredients in theiur products. Caudalie is making its standards even higher by refraining from using over 27 undesirable ingredients.

Are Caudalie products made with natural ingredients?

At Caudalie, they believe in cosmetics that are effective, natural, and luxurious. 

Caudalie prioritizes natural-origin, fair trade and/or environmentally friendly ingredients in accordance with our sustainable formulation charter. 

As such, Caudalie is constantly improving these formulas to optimize their effectiveness and make them even more natural. 

To preserve their formulas, Caudalie use ingredients authorized by Ecocert. 

Where are Caudalie Products Made?

All cosmetic products are designed and manufactured in France. Caudalie's natural formulation laboratory is located in the French Cosmetic Valley, an hour outside of Paris. 

Are Your Products Safe to Use While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

In the early months of pregnancy and when breastfeeding, as a precaution Caudalie recommend avoiding products concentrated in essential oils and containing glycolic acid. These include the Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, all of the products in the Vinopure range, the Contouring Concentrate, Gylcolic Peel Mask, Purifying Mask, and the Instant Detox Mask, Beauty Elixir, as well as the Crushed Cabernet Scrub. 

If you have the slightest doubt, Caudalie will recommend that you consult your doctor, who is best qualified to inform you.

Which Products Contain Essential Oils?

Below is the list of products that contain essential oils: 

  • Beauty Elixir 
  • Vinopure Collection
  • Purifying Mask
  • Instant Detox Mask
  • Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil
  • Crushed Cabernet Scrub