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Cotton Traders FAQ

How Do I Add to My Order Once It Has Been Submitted?

You cannot add to an order once it has been submitted. Simply place another order.

Where Can I Buy Club Rugby Shirts From?

Club shirts are available from the club shop at the respective ground. You may also be able to purchase online via the club’s website.

For all other enquiries, please contact your local sports shop who may be able assist.

How Will I Find Out If You Sell My Size?

Cotton Traders tries and offer an extensive range of sizes where possible. The Buying Grid online shows which sizes each particular item is available in.

This information is also available under the product information in the catalogue.

There is also a "refine by size" option available on the left hand side of the page when you click into any collection.

How Do I Save Or Change My Card Details At Checkout?

If you save your payment details, it will make your checkout process easier. Once your payment details are entered, your details will be stored in your account and you will not have to re-enter them again when you make your next order. (Please note you will always need to re-enter the security numbers on the back of your card as these are never saved.)

If you prefer not to save your payment details, please tick the relevant box in the payment details area at Checkout page.

nb - if this box is left unticked, your details will automatically be stored securely for future orders.

To change any payment details already stored on the site, please select new card details from the drop down option at the checkout (i.e. Visa/MasterCard) and overtype your new card details. (Please note this can only be done when you are placing an order).

Which Cards Does Cotton Traders Accept for Payment?

Cotton Traders accepts all major credit and debit cards (please note due to technical issues Cotton Traders is at present unable to accept American Express cards for payment online).

How Will I Know If My Order is Delayed?

When placing your order via the website, you will have been advised of the expected delivery date for your items. If there is a further delay outside of this date, Cotton Traders will inform you in writing or by email.

Any orders sent in via mail order will receive a letter advising them of an expected delivery date if goods are not available for 7 days.  If there is a further delay outside this time, Cotton Traders will send a further letter to advise.

Will You Tell Me When My Order Has Been Dispatched?

If you have placed your order online, providing you have entered the correct email address when placing your order, Cotton Traders will send email confirmation when your order has been dispatched from the warehouse.

If you placed your order by telephone, stock availability and due dates should have been confirmed by one of the advisors.

If you placed your order by post, a letter will have been sent if your order was subject to a delay of more than 7 working days.

I've Ordered Online - How Do I Know If My Order Has Gone Through Ok?

When you order online, a confirmation message will appear on your computer screen after your order has been registered with Cotton Traders. You will also receive an automated confirmation email to the email address you have given Cotton Traders.

Your web order number and order details will be displayed in the confirmation email. Your order details will also appear  in Order History. To see this, please log in to the website and click on View Orders.

If you have not received a web order number or confirmation email, please contact us by using our contact button below.