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eReleases Press FAQ

What Time Will My Press Release Be Distributed?

All press releases are scheduled before 9:00am US Eastern Time unless same-day distribution is requested.

eReleases has identified this distribution time window as the optimal one for attracting media attention. Morning distribution allows media members to receive releases via email while they are most receptive to considering story ideas for the day — before the market opens.

What is the Best Day/Time to Issue a Press Release?

There is no magic day for issuing a press release. The reason for that is this: if there was a “best” day, it would quickly become the worst day, because insiders would tell their friends and colleagues, and more press releases would be published on that day, increasing competition for journalists’ attention. For example, if Tuesday was the “magic day” in the industry, every publicist would soon learn that, and you’d see a huge spike in volume on that day, which would overwhelm journalists, making Tuesday the most competitive day to issue press releases.

Can I Embed Videos, Pictures, Or Sound Files In My Press Release?

Images and a video may be included either as simple links within the press release, or they can be embedded in the body of the release.

Simple Linking Option (no additional charge)
You may include up to two images which will be linked by the newswire within the body of your press release. Also, you can place any type of link within your press release, including links to videos, pictures, PDFs, and other types of multimedia files.

Embedding Option
You may also choose to have up to two images or a single video embedded within the body of your press release. You will upload the image and/or provide them with the link to a video during the ordering process, and these multimedia files will be embedded into your press release. The embedded multimedia file will be viewable on hundreds of websites (for images, over 2000 partner websites support embedding, and for videos, over 700 partner sites support embedding). The total number that pick up your release will vary depending on industry and subject matter.

What Does ereleases Press Guarantee?

They guarantee your press release will be distributed. For all of their clients, this includes a WireWatch™ report with links to the press release posted on as many as 300 media websites.

They guarantee a minimum of 75 media websites will post the press release for their Buzz Builder™ clients, a minimum of 100 media sites for Newsmaker™ clients, and a minimum of 150 media websites for their PR Pro™ clients. For sub-$1,000, they cannot promise you will receive additional media coverage. The fact is that it’s difficult to receive press as so many online and offline organizations and businesses are competing for the spotlight.