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Tick Pick FAQ

Can I Select the Number Of Tickets I Want?

Yes and no. Since one ticket is less likely to sell than two tickets together, brokers can specify what quantities their tickets are available in. Since Tick Pick haS such a large volume of tickets available, the odds are excellent that you will be able to buy the number of seats you want in the sections you want for a price you love.

Will Our Seats Be Together?

Yes! All tickets purchased together will be together. If you want to sit separately, you must make multiple purchases.

What is the Score Report?

Price isn't the only factor that goes into purchasing a ticket. To help you make the best decision, TickPick ranks each seat on the basis of how good of a deal it is. 

How Close to the Event Can I Buy Tickets?

As long as tickets are available, you can purchase tickets up to the start time of the event.

Can I Add to My Order After I Purchase Tickets?

Not exactly. If tickets are available in the same row as your previous purchase, those tickets can be purchased separately. If you email  Tick Pick at support@tickpick.com, they will contact the broker to make sure he puts the tickets together.

Why Was My Card Charged When My Purchase Didn't Go Through?

No need to worry! The charge on your card was only an authorization to make sure you have enough cash to buy the tickets you want. If the purchase did not go through, the information is voided, and the hold on your funds will be lifted within 24-48 hours. To get the funds lifted sooner, email Tick Pick at support@tickpick.com andthey will contact your bank for you.

Why Can't I See Exact Seat Numbers?

To be honest, the ticket brokers could get in trouble if the exact seat numbers made known publicly (i.e. season ticket holders selling tickets to individual games is often not allowed by certain venues). By not showing exact seat numbers, Tick Pick is able to protect their brokers and provide you with the best deals.

Do I Have to Pay Anything On Top Of the Ticket Price?

Nope! Tick Pick charges their sellers a small 10% fee, but buyers don't pay anything extra.