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Tiny Deal FAQ

How to Turn Off the Vibration Of Touch Screen?

Please kindly note that you can turn off the vibration of touch screen by the following steps: settings – phone set up – pen vibrate - turn to off .  It will be ok.

Can I Add a Tracking Number When the Order is Low Value?

Please kindly note that when your order is low value and it is not enough to get a free tracking number, but you still need a tracking number, you can choose registered ari mail in the checkout page under Shipping Method.

You also can see the cost of the tracking numbr there, and you decide to choose and pay for it with order.

What Can I Do If My Items Hold In Customs?

If your package is stuck in the customs, please do not worry.

You can contact your local customs first to see what document they need to get the package through. If it is about your personal information, you can just offer it to them to get the package. If it is about the invoice of the package or certificate like CE, ROHS and so on, you can contact Tiny Deal and Tiny Deal can help you get it. After Tiny Deal sends that to you, you can just offer it to your customs to get the package.

Please do remember not to offer the real invoice to them without contacting Tiny Deal. Or you may need to pay high tax to get the packag.

My Watch Doesn’t Fit Well, What Should I Do?

If you have ordered a watch with a metal bracelet, there is a good chance you will have to have one or more links removed to fit your wrist properly. This can only be done with the wearer present. That is why we ship all watches unsized. We suggest that you take your watch to a reputable local jeweler for sizing. Expect to pay a nominal fee for this service. Do not attempt to size your own watch! You may damage or scratch the watch and bracelet. The liability is yours; by our policy we will not accept a scratched, damaged, or sized watch for return with the exception of some models that feature a quick link removing ability (can be sized without the use of a tool).

What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Mechanical / Automatic Movements?

The movement - the inner workings of the watch - is what makes up the main timekeeping mechanism. Most watches have either a quartz movement or a mechanical movement. The type of movement you choose depends mostly on one's taste.

Mechanical movements are a tribute to the watchmaker's art and monitor the passage of time by a series of gear mechanisms. When a mechanical movement does not have to be wound, it is known as an automatic movement. These self-winding movements are wound by the movement of your wrist. (No, you don't have to shake it to work! The normal, everyday movement of the watch on your wrist charges the winding reserve.) When this type of watch is removed from your wrist the movement winds down in 10 to 72 hours, depending on the size of its winding reserve.

My Watch Stopped Keeping Time, Why?

This could be a for a few different reasons. First, you need to determine if you have an automatic or a quartz watch. A quartz watch is powered by a quartz crystal that runs off of a battery. If you have a quartz watch, and it stops keeping time, most likely the battery has died.

If your watch is an automatic, and it stops keeping time, then it needs to be re-wound. Automatic watches are powered off of the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Through normal activity a rotor turns and winds the watch's mainspring. Most automatic watches have up to 36 hours of power reserve. If an automatic watch is not worn for a day or two, it will wind down and need to be wound by hand to get it started again. You can also use a watch-winder for this function.

What Payment Method is Accepted By Tinydeal?

Tinydeal accepts two methods of payment. Firstly, payment can be made by signing up to PayPal and using your PayPal available balance (funded by a verified bank account or credit cards).

Secondly, the western union is also available if you prefer not to sign up for a PayPal account. You can see the detail information via our e-mail when you want to pay by this way.

What is the Declaration On the Shipping Label?

Tiny Deal generally sends the item by a personal name and mark the item as a gift in plain package. The name of product category will normally be used as declaration, and the declaration valued of for most countries is a random value between $10 to $32 US dollars. Besides, without specific request, invoices/receipts are never included in the packages.