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  • Skylight

    The team of Skylight first came together as students at Harvard Business School, where they realized they had the same problem: they were all living far away from their families and from where they grew up - some of them across the country, and some on a different continent altogether! They were eager to find a device that made it effortless to share special photos with their loved ones across the world ... and not just to their phones, but into a beautiful physical display that would live in their home. They were surprised to find that the product they wanted didn't exist, so they decided to create it. And thus Skylight was born, designed from the start to connect the digital and non-digital worlds, and to bring together families that might be many miles apart.
  • Acer

    24” Monitor for Only $69.99 With Purchase Of a Laptop Or Desktop Over $499.99 + Free Ground Shipping!
  • VMware

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