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Tripsta FAQ

I Am Enrolled In a Frequent Flyer Program for a Different Airline, Other Than the One I Am Flying With. Can I Still Use It?

Frequent flyer programs can be used for airlines that belong to the same airline network (e.g. Turkish Airlines and United Airlines belong to the Star Alliance network and their frequent flyer programs can be used interchangeably).

I Am Enrolled In a Frequent Flyer Program and I Want to Make a Flight Booking With Tripsta. Will I Lose My Benefits?

No. You will receive your miles for flying with the airline. You can enter your frequent flyer account number by checking the box in the Passenger Details section in step three of the booking process. If you have already made a booking, please contact passenger service center to add your frequent flyer information.

I Would Like to Take Special Equipment With Me, E.g. Ski Equipment. What Should I Do?

Special equipment is not included in the allowable free weight offered by the airline. The airline will charge passengers extra to travel with special equipment. The charge will depend on the type of special equipment, weight and dimensions. If you want to travel with special equipment, please contact our passenger service center, but note that any extra cost will be paid directly at the airport.

What are the Limits and Dimensions for Baggage?

Hand baggage: According to most airlines, one piece of hand baggage is permitted on board the airplane, however the allowable weight varies between airlines.

Checked baggage: Usually one piece of baggage, up to 50 lbs , is allowed per passenger. Passengers should be aware that weight limits and dimensions for baggage/hand-luggage vary and depend on the fare rules. Most airlines will charge an additional fee for baggage that exceeds their weight limit. Passengers should contact the airline directly for precise baggage restrictions.

How & When Can I Check In?

You can check-in online (usually 24 hours before departure) through the airlines website using the information received in the e-ticket or directly at the airport (2 hours before departure).

What Documents Do I Need, Apart From My E-ticket, In Order to Travel?

Each passenger is required to present official documents, such as a passport or identity card. Some travelers are obligated to have a visa/transit visa or ESTA depending on the trip origin and destination. Passengers can learn which travel documents are required by contacting the country’s Embassy. Furthermore, some destinations require travelers’ passports’ to have a minimum 6 months validity. It is the passenger's responsibility to have the necessary documents for travelling.

When Will I Receive My Refund?

In the case of cancellation, eligible refunds to the passenger are processed once the airline has proceeded with the refund to tripsta. The refund process usually takes up to 15 working days following the cancellation date. Due to bank procedures, it may take up to 7-10 additional days before appearing on your bank statement.

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

Cancellation fees depend on the ticket type and cancellation policy of each airline. However, there are many tickets that cannot be canceled, especially those offered by low cost airlines. Tripsta might also charge a cancellation fee depending on the service package selected.

Is There a Change Fee?

Change fees depend on the ticket type and policy of each airline. However, there are many tickets that cannot be changed, especially those offered by low cost airlines. For tickets that can be changed, the extra cost will consist of a penalty from the airline and any difference in fare and taxes between the new and old ticket. Tripsta might also charge a change fee depending on the service package selected in the original booking.

What Should People With Disabilities And/or Reduced Mobility Do In Order to Travel Safely and With Assistance?

Disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility are obliged to inform the airline or tripsta about the necessity and nature of assistance at least 48 hours before the departure time.

The aid of an assistance dog is also approved when requested, provided that the notification has been made in accordance with applicable national rules on assistance dogs’ transport, if they exist.

Passengers requiring assistance must arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to their departure time and proceed directly to the designated points for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility (as indicated at check-in).

Can I Book a Ticket for Unaccompanied Children?

Children under the age of 5 years must be accompanied by a passenger (usually required to be older than 15 years), to travel. Tickets can only be issued for unaccompanied children via phone. Every airline follows a different policy regarding unaccompanied children. Tripsta highly recommends that you contact the airline before booking the flight. Many airlines provide an escort service for children, but the cost and requirements of such service are regulated by each airline.

There is a Charge On My Credit Card But I Haven’t Received a Confirmation Email. is My Booking Successful?

No, the tickets you tried to book have not been confirmed due to a temporary technical issue that took place in the airline(s) system during the booking procedure. This resulted in a failed booking, while a pre-authorization of the corresponding amount had already taken place.

How Can I Pay for a Flight Booking?

Bookings completed online only accept debit or credit cards as payment options. Acceptable cards are Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Euroline. You may incur additional fees for credit card payments, which will be shown in the final price before completion of the booking.

Why Aren't My Passport Details Required?

Passport details are not always required by airlines and for all destinations. If passport details are necessary, you will be asked to enter them during the booking process or you will be contacted by email to provide them.

Do Children and Infants Receive Their Own Tickets?

Yes, but tickets for children and infants are issued only when accompanied by an adult and vary between airlines. The price for children (2-11 years old) is lower, normally consisting of a cheaper fare and the amount of taxes. The price for infants (0-2 years old) is normally only the cost of taxes.

I Received the Confirmation Email But There are Errors. What Should I Do?

If you find errors in your confirmation email, contact Tripsta‘s’ passenger service center as soon as possible. Amendments, however, are not always possible or might have an extra cost.

I Made a Booking But I Didn't Receive the Confirmation Email. What Should I Do?

If you have not received your confirmation email, it might be due to a misspelling of the registered email address during the booking process. Alternatively, depending on your email provider’s settings, it could have mistakenly been sent to your junk or spam folder and we suggest you check there.

How Can I Be Sure That My Booking Was Successful?

A page will be displayed that says “Thank you for booking with us," to confirm your booking was successful.

You will also receive an automatic confirmation email that will include your booking number and additional reservation details.

How Far In Advance Do I Need to Book an Airline Ticket?

Flight bookings can be created on the same day of travel. However, the exact time period before the departure time will depend on the departure destination and local time there.

I’ve Chosen a Flight, But the Fare is No Longer Available for Booking. What Should I Do?

This situation occurs when:

  • The last available seat of the actual flight or fare you have chosen was sold while you were in the process of making the booking. There is no guarantee that the flight you chose is still available until you receive the message that you have completed your booking
  • Seats which are no longer available are still displayed on the seat-reservation system due to insufficient time for the system to reload.

Situations like this rarely happen. However, in case it happens to you when using our website, please contact our passenger service.

How Can I Make a Flight Booking?

Enter the details of your trip in our flight search engine (destination, date, and number of passengers) and every available flight combination will be displayed, beginning with the most economical fare. Once you have selected your desired flight, you will be prompted to follow a few simple steps requesting personal information and billing details to complete your booking.