How Does Angie’s List Make Money?

Angie's List has a few revenue sources. One source comes from consumers who pay a fee for Silver or Gold memberships to Angie’s List.

Angie’s List also generates revenue from service providers. For example, Angie’s List allows providers who maintain an "A"- or "B"-overall rating (if the provider has received at least one review) and those who have not yet received a review to pay to advertise coupons, discounts, or other promotions to our members through our website, magazine, and call center, so long as they meet other eligibility requirements, including their owner or relevant manager passing a criminal background check. If a rated provider’s rating falls below a "B" or if they fail to respond to our Complaint Resolution team, we can revoke their advertising privileges and remove their coupons, discounts, and promotions from the magazine, our call center, and Angie’s List also can, but does not always, earn revenue from the various e-commerce offerings, including Angie’s List Big Deal. Angie’s List may from time to time modify the eligibility requirements for service provider advertising and offerings, including, but not limited to, in one or more test markets where eligibility criteria may vary.

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