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Angie's List FAQ

Does Angie's List Accept Anonymous Reviews?

Angie's List doesn't accept anonymous feedback in an effort to prevent purposeful manipulation of a company's rating and to ensure fairness.

To maximize fairness and accuracy, your name and address is visible to the provider you rate. This gives providers the opportunity to correct any problems and respond to good and bad reviews.

However, your name and address will not be visible to other members when your feedback is posted online.

I Know a Particular Company is On the List, But I Can't Find Its Profile. Why?

If you're looking for a company that you saw on the List in the past, keep in mind that your results shuffle each time you do a category search. Try scanning the next page of results.

What is the Complaint Resolution Process?

Available for Gold memberships exclusively, if a dispute arises with a service provider, our specially trained Complaint Resolution team will help facilitate communication between the member and service provider in an effort to help find a mutually agreeable solution

What is the Angie’s List Magazine?

Angie’s List Magazine is an award-winning publication exclusively for members. It provides expert advice from highly rated pros, smart tips to make your life easier, articles and inspiration on home improvement and maintenance, as well as local discounts in select locations. Every member gets digital issues delivered by email monthly, and in most areas of the US, Silver and Gold members get the print edition delivered to their mailboxes every other month.

What Does Nationwide Coverage Mean?

Members who join Angie’s List in Green, Silver or Gold memberships get access to more than 10 million verified reviews from all over the country, helping members find rated service pros almost anywhere!

What are the Benefits Of Member Care Support With Silver Or Gold Memberships?

Members with Silver or Gold can get assistance from our helpful Member Care specialists through the convenience of Email Support. Gold members have access to the added benefit of Phone Support from our Member Care team.

How Do Cancel My Paid Membership?

You can cancel your paid membership at any time by logging into your Angie’s List account, visiting the Manage My Account page, and clicking Cancel Auto-Renew. On your expiration date, your paid membership will expire and you will become a free (Green) member. Your paid membership benefits will remain available until you become a free member.

How Do Providers Receive Ratings?

Providers are graded on the List only after a member or other consumer submits feedback. The rating system we use is similar to a report card (with an "A" through "F" scale) and is used to grade the quality of the consumer’s experience with a provider.

To provide members with the most relevant information, our rating system weighs feedback concerning completed work more heavily than experiences that are limited to estimates or telephone interactions. When work has not been performed by a company, the rating receives 20% as much weight as a rating where work has been performed.

Providers can't change their rating on the List and they aren't allowed to grade themselves. Only Angie's List consumers, through their reviews, have the power to change a company's overall grade.

How Do Providers Get On the List?

Most companies on the List are added when a consumer submits feedback about the quality of their work. At that time, we set up a profile for the business to accompany the review. If a company you've used isn't on the List yet, add them by submitting a review so other members can find out about their work!

Is Angie’s List Available In My Area?

If you’re in the US - yes! Remote areas will likely have a limited number of reviews. Why wait?

Fortunately, Angie's List's resourceful customer service team knows no limits! They’ll work on finding you great local service anywhere. If you need help, no matter where you are, please contact us by selecting Begin Live Chat feature or Send A Message.

How Does Angie’s List Make Money?

Angie's List has a few revenue sources. One source comes from consumers who pay a fee for Silver or Gold memberships to Angie’s List.

Angie’s List also generates revenue from service providers. For example, Angie’s List allows providers who maintain an "A"- or "B"-overall rating (if the provider has received at least one review) and those who have not yet received a review to pay to advertise coupons, discounts, or other promotions to our members through our website, magazine, and call center, so long as they meet other eligibility requirements, including their owner or relevant manager passing a criminal background check. If a rated provider’s rating falls below a "B" or if they fail to respond to our Complaint Resolution team, we can revoke their advertising privileges and remove their coupons, discounts, and promotions from the magazine, our call center, and Angie’s List also can, but does not always, earn revenue from the various e-commerce offerings, including Angie’s List Big Deal. Angie’s List may from time to time modify the eligibility requirements for service provider advertising and offerings, including, but not limited to, in one or more test markets where eligibility criteria may vary.

Does Angie's List Have a Free Membership Option?

Yes! As of June 2016, Green membership plans are available to consumers free of charge. Angie’s List offers a range of additional membership plans to help meet your needs, including Silver and Gold memberships that offer many convenient time- and money-saving tools to help you accomplish your to-do list with help from top-quality service companies.

Whether you join for free and test drive your Angie's List membership, or take advantage of Silver and Gold memberships benefits, there's a plan for every need.