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I Would Like to Buy a Inkkas Gift Certificate to Offer As a Gift, How Do I Do That?

Gifts certificates are available under the shop link on the website. inkkas have them available for holidays, birthdays, etc.

I Got My Inkkas Shoes Dirty, How Should I Clean Them?

inkkas do not recommend putting Inkkas shoes in the washing machine. Instead, inkkas recommend using a spray-on fabric cleaner to keep your Inkkas clean and lookin' good.

Do Inkkas Shoes Have an Arch Support?

Yes, Inkkas provide arch support that is sufficient for the curvature of the average foot. However, if you typically wear orthopedic insoles in your shoes, you may want to use these orthopedic insoles in your Inkkas well. Inkkas' insoles are removable to make room for orthopedic inserts.

I Have Wide Feet, Does Inkkas Carry Sizes for People With Wide Feet?

At this time, Inkkas only makes shoes in “regular” standard widths. inkkas does not currently offer wide sizes.

The Shoe I Want is Listed As "out Of Stock", When Will You Be Getting It In Again?

If your shoes are currently not in stock, please check back in a few days! inkkas receive a new shipment of shoes almost every two weeks and it takes about a week for the shoes to be loaded up onto the website. 

What Conditions Do Inkkas Manufacturers Work In?

Inkkas fabrics are produced in partnership with local Peruvian workshops that are wholly owned by resident Peruvians. The factories are modern, safe, and abide by the most stringent labor law restrictions. All employees are above 18 years of age and are fairly compensated with a wage that is 2 to 5 times the average wage in Peru and Mexico.

Where are Inkkas Shoes Made?

All shoes are made in Mexico. The signature woven textiles are supplied from local artisans in Peru. When you buy our shoes you are buying an authentic Latin American product created by locals in those countries.

Does Inkkas Offer Free Shipping?

Inkkas is happy to offer Free Shipping within the U.S. on all orders of $100 or more!

I Just Ordered a Pre-order Item, When Will It Arrive?

Your pre-ordered shoes will be shipped according to the date that was stated on the product page. If you ordered another item in addition to a pre-order one, your whole order will be shipped as soon as your pre-order item is ready to ship.

How Does My Purchase Help Reforestation?

It is thanks to partnership with Trees for The Future, an award-winning global tree planting organization, that inkkas can guarantee you that your purchase will directly allow us to plant a new tree on the planet. inkkas donate a fixed amount of money per shoe sold in order to allow Trees for The Future to plant more and more trees.