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I Need to Reactivate My Account. What Do I Do?

You can reactivate account if:

  • You've canceled online within the past 120 days (account status is either "canceled" or "pending deactivation")
  • You are the Admin of your account
  • You purchased a business account plan: Starter, Business, Business Plus, Business Plus Governance, Enterprise or Enterprise Governance 

Why Didn't I Receive My Password Reset Email Or an Activation Email for My New Account?

Follow the troubleshoot steps. However, if your Box account was created before your email could receive inbound mail, your email was likely placed on email suppression list as a result of a hard bounce.

How Do I Reduce Seats?

Reach out to and they will evaluate your request. Keep in mind that you can only reduce the number of seats at the end of your term.

What Forms Of Payment Does Accept for Box Accounts? accepts credit card, ACH, wire, check and direct debit where available. Please use the payment method outlined in your contract.

I Was Over-charged On a Previous Invoice. How Can I Resolve It?

Please ask your Box Admin to contact them at

How Do I Get a Copy Of My Invoice From

If you pay by credit card, receipts are automatically emailed to the "Bill To" address they have on file. If you use another method of payment, will email your invoice prior to the due date outlined in your contract.