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I Want to Buy a Item, But It is Out-of-stock, Why?

Products ordered by 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) are usually shipped the same day. However, if an item is out of stock, your order may be delayed. Chegg will notify you of any book that is unavailable for immediate shipment. You may cancel any item not being prepared for shipment. You may request a cancellation through the "My Account" section of or by contacting customer service.

What Should I Do If My Purchased Book is Lost?

If your book is lost or stolen, you can always try to find an identical book in the same condition and send it back to Chegg. Chegg is happy to accept it in place of the original. Or pay the purchase price of the lost book, that is, the list price minus any rental fees you have already paid. To pay for a lost, stolen, or damaged book, go to "My Account," click the "More" link next to the book, then click the "Purchase this book" link.

What If My Item Was Damaged, is There Any Refund Or Other Way to Compensate?

Chegg expects books to have some ordinary wear, and highlighting is permitted. If a book is returned for damaged condition (stained, torn pages, loose binding etc), you'll be charged the purchase price of the book, that is, the list price minus any rental fees you have already paid. In those cases, Chegg will contact you and offer to return the damaged book to you at your cost. If you do not claim the book within 45 days of Chegg's contact, Chegg will treat the book as abandoned and may donate it, recycle it or liquidate it.

If I Don't Satisfied the Quality Of Book, What Should I Do?

If you're unhappy with the quality of any of our books, Chegg will immediately ship you another copy of the same book at Chegg's expense. To qualify, you must return the original rental book to Chegg. If you've purchased a new book, the book must be returned in brand new condition to qualify for a refund.

What is the Exactly Address About Chegg?

The detail adress information is :

Chegg Inc
3990 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054