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Chemical Guys FAQ

How Do I Wash a Foam Pad?

Immerse the foam pad in a bucket of warm water and Chemical Guys Pad Cleaner. Work the pad by gently wringing it, then rinse it with clean water. Allow to air dry.

What RPM Do I Use?

Slower when finishing with foam, down to 1200 RPMs. The range is between 1200-1750RPM.

What is a Good Screw, and How Does It Work With My Backing Plate?

The GOOD SCREW enables you to use your standard Rotary backing plate with wither your DA-Dual Action polisher or your drill without the need of buying a new backing plate.

Chemical Guys has 2 kinds of screws one for the DA and one for the Drill.

How Much Should I Charge for a Complete Detail?

Prices will vary depending on the job.  It is always important to explain to your customer what the services available are.  A wash followed by a clay and polish has a countrywide average between $140-220 for a retail client and $75-$105 for a wholesale detail for a high volume used car dealer. Be prepared to charge allot more depending on the condition of the paint, the amount of time required and if the final steps require a sealant or a high gloss paste wax the prices will be much higher.

How Often Should I Clean and Condition My Leather Interior?

To help protect leather from premature wear and tear, Chemical Guys recommends cleaning and conditioning a minimum of 4 to 5 times per year, due to damaging UV sunlight, outdoor elements and the general abuse it suffers from your getting in and out of the car every day. Once a month is even better.

What Makes Chemical Guys Hex Logic Pads Different From the Competitors?

First of all, Chemical Guys Manufactures Chemical Guys' own pads as well as carries many well known and recognized pads like Lake Country and Lake Country CCS. Chemical Guys looks at pads very carefully as they are a very important part of the detailing process. Selecting the right pad makes all the difference.

What are Wool Pads?

One category are buffing pads are made from wool. There are also blended pads, that is pads that have a mix of wool and synthetic materials. Depending on the purpose, wool can be spun into various yarns, some are twisted, Some are not. For example, if a customer needs a buffing pad that is aggressive, Chemical Guys can offer him/her a buffing pad that is 100% twisted wool.

Twisted wool is considered aggressive in terms of cutting ability. On the other hand, if a customer wants a buffing pad for final finishing or non-aggressive polishing, Chemical Guys can provide yarns that are non-twisted or made with a mixture of synthetic materials.

How Many Kinds Of Buffing Pads are There?

Chemical Guys manufactures two types of buffing pads. Within these two groups are sub groups of buffing pads that are different in respect to their composition, size and design. The two main buffing pad groups are wool and foam pads.

How Do I Remove a Bird Dropping?

Using a quick detail spray or a waterless detailing product makes it easy to remove fresh or recent bird dropping.

Are Bird Droppings Bad for My Cars Paint?

Yes, Bird droppings are highly acidic!  They should be removed immediately.