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    15% Off Your First Purchase When You Sign Up to Be a VIP Club Member

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Clever Yoga FAQ

My New Mat Has a Slight Rubbery Smell. Will the Smell Go Away?

The smell will definitely fade over time. After the first few uses and cleaning, leave your mat unrolled to air dry, in the shade. That will help the scent dissipate

Can I Use the Mat for Anything Besides Yoga Practices?

Absolutely! Lots of folks use the mat for pilates practice as well as for working out and stretching. The mat has superior cushioning and support as well, so your knees and elbows won’t hurt while using your mat.

Why Do I Need to Use a Towel During Yoga?

Having a towel over your yoga mat which creates grip will allow you to focus on your yoga practice because you won’t slip or slide. Having a towel will also save time you’d spend wiping sweat off your mat since the towel is super absorbent. It will add an element of safety to your yoga practice if you sweat a great deal.

How Do I Clean the Towels?

Wash your towels separately the first few times to make sure there is no bleeding. Do not use fabric softener as this will ruin the absorbent quality of the micro fiber. After the first few washes, you can wash on a regular cycle and tumble dry.

What are the Towels Made Of?

The towels consist of premium, lightweight, 100% microfiber which is super absorbent and quick drying.

What is the Block Made Out Of and How Do I Care for It?

The block is made of eco-friendly recycled high density EVA foam. If you use it during a super sweaty yoga practice, use a very mild, diluted soap and water solution on a wash cloth and pat the block clean. Then, use a wash cloth with water only, to rinse. Let the block air dry.

I Notice After I Use the Balance Pad With Bare Feet, There are Foot Print “smudges”. How Can I Clean the Pad?

It is very common to see light smudges after use. Just use very mild, diluted soap and water to clean and lightly pat dry.

Is the Balance Pad Environmentally Safe?

Yes! The balance pad is made out of eco-friendly TPE and EVA and is free of harmful material after passing a series of certifications.

Does the Balance Pad Come With a Warranty?

Absolutely. Clever Yoga has a “Namaste” Lifetime Guarantee- if you’re not 100% satisfied Clever Yoga will replace it free of charge!!

How Do I Use the Balance Pad?

Customers use it in mainly three ways:

The first is for yogic core purposes. If you want more challenge with standing poses like tree or mountain pose or for arm balances, the balance pad adds an extra element of intensity.

The second use is to improve coordination, motor skills, and balance. With the pad’s destabilizing quality, it’s is a great addition to your home gym.

The third use is for physical rehabilitation. Physical therapists use the pad for patients recovering from ankle, foot, hand and wrist injury or surgery. The pad is a great support for kneeling or for regaining strength in the upper body.