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DealeXtreme FAQ

I Haven’t Received My Package 20 Business Days After Shipment.

Most likely your package is delayed due to an unforeseen situation.  Please wait a 2-3 more business days.

What Tracking and Shipping Methods Does Dx Offer?

DX offers FREE world wide shipping on all items. SuperSaver and Standard shipping, Express shipping are included.

How Do I Contact DX?

DX Phone Lines are open between 9:00am-18:00pm from Monday to Friday Hong Kong Time - (HKT).

How are Customs and Taxes Issues Handled?

Customs and import duties including any taxes, tariffs or item seized, are the sole responsibility of the customer. Items shipped from warehouse and other international warehouses are not subject to export taxes.

Can Processing Be Expedited / Does Purchasing EMS Expedite Processing?

DX does not have an expedited processing option. Purchasing EMS only expedites postal service mailing time.