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eBay India FAQ

How Do I Know How Much to Pay?

You can find how much you need to pay for your item:

  • In the listing
  • From My eBay
  • In the confirmation email sent by eBay
  • In the invoice sent by the seller

After you win an item, the Pay Now button is usually the fastest way to pay your seller. The Pay Now button will appear in the listing after you win an item, in My eBay, and in the confirmation email that you receive from eBay.

When you click the Pay Now button, most of the time your payment details will be automatically calculated for you. These details will match the postage and handling, tax (if applicable), and multiple purchase discounts that can be found in the listing below the item description.

How Can I Be Certain That a Seller’s Second Chance Offer is Legitimate?

A seller can send a Second Chance Offer to any of the non-winning bidders if the winning bidder does not pay the seller, if a seller has duplicate items, or the reserve price is not met in a Reserve Price Auction.

What to Do When You Don't Receive Your Item Or It's Not As Described?

All processes listed under this section for resolving your transaction problems with your trading partner will be covered under and be subject to the specific terms and conditions of the eBay Guarantee program.

In the event of any conflict in the terms and condition listed under this section and with those applicable to eBay Guarantee* Program, terms and conditions of the eBay Guarantee* program shall always prevail. 

eBay may, at its sole discretion and without prior intimation alter, modify or withdraw any of the processes listed under this section or under the eBay Guarantee program.

How Do I Add a Note Using My eBay?

You can add a private note to any item in your My eBay view.

Notes are helpful for reminding yourself about:

  • Sellers you’ve enjoyed buying from
  • A gift item you're thinking about buying
  • Searches you have saved
  • Free shipping for an item you're bidding on
  • A question you have for the seller
  • Your opinion of the description and photo of the item

How Do I Mark My Item As Paid Or Shipped?

You can track the status of items you are buying and selling (if you have a seller's account) and update the status under the Take action column in My eBay.

What is the Cash On Delivery Meaning?

Cash on Delivery is offered on most listings on eBay.You will need to select the Cash on Delivery checkbox on the Review Order page to use this option. After that, you need to confirm the order with the One-time password. You will need to pay the entire amount to the delivery representative when the item is delivered to you. Please note that you can only pay by Cash for this option.

How Do I Pay for an Item?

To pay for an item, click "Buy It Now" and apply a coupon if you have one to get discount on the item. If you wish to pay through EMI, your entire transaction has to be over Rs 3500. The entire amount of the transaction will be blocked on your card, but you will pay the EMI to the bank in the upcoming bill cycle.