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Laybrook FAQ

What Happens If I Find I Have Ordered the Wrong Size Bed, It is the Wrong Height Or the Wrong Type?

Example: I have ordered a 3ft bed and when it has been delivered you realise you need a 4ft bed

Example: I have ordered a double bed instead of a dual bed.

It is crucial you measure the size of the bed before ordering as a charge of £175 will be made to collect, dismantle and reassemble a new bed this must be done within 14 days.

Do I Have to Pay VAT?

If you have a chronic medical condition (i.e. ongoing that is not likely to get better in the near future) no. All the prices quoted are exclusive of VAT this is because if you are looking for one of these beds you probably have a qualifying condition (see list in "Your Health" section (top of the home page to the left) to check or talk to a representative on the telephone if you are unsure or you can talk to your local VAT office we will gladly give you the telephone number.

What is a Double Bed?

This is where the whole of the back of the bed raises and all of the leg section raises together (not necessarily at the same time) so both people are in the same position.

What is a Dual Bed?

A dual bed is where each side of the bed will have individual controls so one person can lay flat whist the other can sit up and watch T.V. for example.

Can Laybrook Deliver Overseas?

YES, but the bed will be shipped at your expense, Laybrook can organise this for you.

How High is the Bed From the Floor to the Top Of the Mattress?

About 22 inches, the standard height of a flat bed.

What Sizes Do the Beds Come In?

All beds come in 3ft, 3ft 6, 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft and 6ft excluding the Chatsworth and Leather Beds.