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National Car Parks FAQ

Can I Make Interim Payments?

Of course. Simply call our Gateway Business Account team on 0345 050 7080 and press option 3. If you wish to make purchases beyond your credit limit then cleared payment will be required.

How Do I Pay My Invoice?

You can settle all of your invoices by direct debit. And if you hit a problem and the direct debit fails, you can pay by credit or debit card. Just remember there's a handling fee when you pay by credit card.

Will I Be Sent an Invoice for Each Card?

No, you'll receive a single invoice for each account or cost centre you set up. This will detail all transactions and help you cut down on the amount of paperwork you have to do.

What Information Will I See On My Invoice?

In each invoice you'll find all purchases that have been made on the card, along with dates, product details and Net, VAT and Gross transaction amounts.

Can Cards Have Different Cost Centres?

Yes they can. And you get to decide how they're allocated to give you the greatest flexibility and control. You can even make monthly payments for different cards within a cost centre by setting up additional direct debits. You can also receive reports for each cost centre.

How Does the Credit Limit Work?

There's one credit limit for the whole account, no matter how many cards you have. You'll find this figure in your welcome letter. If you reach or exceed your limit, your account will be put on hold until you make a manual payment or the amount is collected by direct debit.

If you'd like more information, or want to increase your credit limit, call the Gateway Business Account team on 0345 050 7080 and press option 3.

Where Can I Use My Gateway Card?

You can use your card at any of the following merchant partners:

  • NCP
  • fuelGenie
  • Best Western Hotels
  • Red Spotted Hanky

Can I Use My Card Immediately?

Not quite. If you are a scheme administrator you'll need to register your account online. Just click onto the Manage My Account part of website and answer the security questions. Your card will then be activated. As the scheme administrator to have two options when it comes to activating individual cards; active them yourself or allow individuals to activate them via the website.

When Will I Receive My Gateway Account Card(s)?

As soon as your account has been approved National Car Parks will send you a confirmation email. And post your cards and welcome letter to you within 5 working days.

How Many Cards Can I Have On One Account?

That's entirely up to you. You can have an unlimited number of cards. Simply order them online as and when you wish. You can even cancel individual cards at any time.

What are the Approval Criteria for the Gateway Account?

National Car Parks uses an approved credit agency to undertake a credit check. If you're a limited company the credit check is based on the accounting information you filed at Companies House. If you're a non-limited company or sole trader then the credit check is based on your trading history.

Will I Be Tied Into a Contract?

No. You will however need to enter into an agreement and adhere to National Car Parks's terms and conditions. But this can be terminated at any time within 14 days notice of any outstanding balances.

Why Should I Have a Gateway Business Account Card?

The quick answer is because it can help your business save time and money on travel expenses.

Here's how it works. You give your employee a card to make their travel purchases, which we settle through monthly invoices. This is broken down and itemised to show you all spends and allowing you to reclaim your VAT. You can even set the right spending limit on each card. And because monthly invoices are paid by direct debit, there are no charges or fees for using the card.