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How do I Obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

On any product page you need a MSDS sheet, simply cursor your mouse over the product name. You will see a box popup on your screen and it will state if a MSDS sheet is available for the product. If it is, click on the MSDS link to be taken to a page where it can be printed for your files. makes it simple to keep your records in order.

What is a MSDS?

A Material Safety Data Sheet is a standardized document prepared by the manufacturer that lists product hazards and contains emergency and first aid information. MSDS sheets are not created for all products, just those that are chemical in nature like cleaning supplies and adhesives. Many companies require these on hand to comply with local and federal laws.

What Payment Methods Does Office Supply Accept?

Office Supply is pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal. Office Supply also accepts money orders, cashiers checks, and business checks as well. Please note that checks may delay the processing of your order. Office Supply does not accept personal checks.

How to Track My Order At Office Supply?

To track your orders, use the order number assigned during the checkout and purchase process. Also, a copy of the invoice is sent to your email address for your record keeping. You may also call toll free at (866) 302-5397 for more details.

What the Detail Product Categories Does Office Supply Sell?

You may click on any of the product categories featured on the home page. Selecting "Binders & Accessories," for example, will take you to the appropriate page in the online catalog where you can browse through the products to find what you need.