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OnePlus FAQ

Why is My Shipping Fee More Expensive Compared to Others?

Shipping fees depend on your shipping address. If the shipping address is a remote area, the shipping fee may be higher than usual.

How Do I Change My Shipping Method After Placing an Order?

Unfortunately once an order is placed you will not be able to change the shipping method, Be sure to double check before giving the go-ahead!

What Shipping Methods Does OnePlus Offer?

OnePlus has two shipping methods for most regions - Standard and Priority. You can select one of these during checkout. The cost will be automatically calculated for your order.

Does Oneplus Collect and Store My Credit/ Debit Card Details?

Please rest assured that OnePlus never collect your card details. After you confirm your order on the checkout page, you will be redirected to our payment service provider's encrypted page to provide your card details. The current payment service providers include PayPal, CyberSource, Worldpay, Sofort, iDeal, Giropay, and PayU. Please note that payment service providers are dependent on region and are subject to change.

What Payment Methods Does OnePlus Offer?

OnePlus currently accepts payments made through credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. Please note that the availability of each payment option is subject to change.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Payment When Placing an Order?

After you place your order, your item(s) will be reserved for 1 hour - you may make a payment any time within that period. If you decide to pay after 1 hour, you must place another order. Please note that stock availability is not guaranteed if you place your order later on.

Why Isn't My Payment Going Through?

Please refer to the instructions in the error message - OnePlus has tailored them to be as helpful as possible in every scenario. If the error persists, try placing a new order or contacting OnePlus at Some common reasons for failed payments: Online transactions are not enabled on the card Transaction has been declined by the card issuer Incorrect card details have been provided during payment Insufficient card balance. Too many payment attempts have been made.

What is a CVV Or Security Number, and Where Can I Find It?

A CVV or security number is normally a 3-digit numeric code available on the back of your credit or debit card. On American Express cards, it is a 4-digit numeric code located on the front of the card. This code is often used for verification purposes to prevent fraud, especially with online purchases. Providing the CVV number implies that the person placing the order has physical possession of the card.

When Will I Receive My Refund From OnePlus?

It takes around 7 business days for payment providers to process refunds. If a product return is involved, this may take slightly longer as OnePlus need to verify the parcel has been returned. Refunds are made to the original source of payment. If you haven't received your refund after 14 business days, OnePlus will suggest that you contact your payment provider for details. If they are unable to help, please contact - OnePlus may be able to provide an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) or screenshot to help your payment provider track your refund manually. Please note that the exact time it takes to process a refund depends on your payment provider.

Why is My Order Status Showing As "Processing " Instead Of "Paid"?

When an order shows as "Processing", this is usually due to a faulty connection between the credit/debit card provider's server and OnePlus' own. In this case, the backoffice team will manually send the payment request until it's succesful, which could take up to 5 minutes. Once the payment has been successful, OnePlus will update the order status to "Paid". If you don't want to wait, you can cancel the order in the "My Orders" section of your account and place a new one trying a different payment method. 

What Does "1023 Order Amount Has Exceeded the Limit" Mean?

This error means that you have exceeded the amount you can spend in a single transaction, as set by the card issuer. If this error occurs, you may contact the card issuer to adjust your limit, or try a different payment method.

What Does Code 1040 Mean?

There is a restriction on your card that affects where and how it can be used. You may contact the card issuer for further details, or try a different payment method.

Why is My Order Status Showing As "Pending" Even Though I've Already Paid?

PayPal may hold funds for various reasons - for example, to carry out security checks. Please contact PayPal support directly to query pending PayPal payments. OnePlus only ships orders after funds have cleared, but rest assured that your order is still active.