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Swap.com FAQ

How Long Will It Take for My Box to Be Processed?

Unfortunately, Swap.com's processing queue for inbound boxes is experiencing a heavy backlog. As a result, processing times for inbound boxes are taking an average of 60 days. Their average processing time is typically 30 to 60 days. Swap.com appreciates your patience as we work quickly to reduce this backlog.   

How Does Swap.com Calculate Reject Percentages?

Rejects are very easy to calculate. Swap.com takes the number of rejected items (those that don’t meet theirr acceptance criteria) and divide that by the total number of items in your box.

For example, if your box has 20 rejected items out of a total count of 100, the reject percentage is 20%.  

You can find information about your boxes and reject rates on the My Boxes page inside of your account.

How to Shipp Items From Swap.com

You can ship your stored items to yourself from Swap.com at any time. By combining multiple items in a single shipment, you can save considerably on shipping costs.

  • To ship out items, go to My account -> My items -> Ship items to me.  

If your items were not accepted by Swap.com, you can have them shipped back to you for an outbound fee of $5.99. However, if those non-accepted items weigh more than 20 pounds, the return shipment will need to be paid in advance and in full.  

What's the Packing Instructions Of Swap.com

Here are some general instructions for packing your own box or a box provided by Swap.com.

  • Make sure the box is in excellent condition 
  • Maximize space, fill empty spaces
  • Remove batteries out of toys and electronics
  • Do NOT wrap boxes in brown paper or tie with string
  • Do NOT use newspaper (may leave ink) or real popcorn to stuff packages
  • Seal the box with packing tape AVOID using duct, masking or cellophane tape