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Eat24 FAQ

Why Does It Tell Me a Restaurant Doesn’t Deliver to Me?

If you’re browsing by neighborhood, city, or landmark instead of a specific address, it’s possible that a certain restaurant listed won’t deliver to you. To be sure right from the start, Eat24 will recommend you search using a specific street address.

Is There a Minimum Amount I Have to Spend to Order At Eat24?

It depends on the restaurant. Most restaurants require a minimum order size for delivery (you wouldn’t want to leave the house for just one spring roll, would you?), but there’s never a minimum when it comes to pickup orders. 

When Will Eat24 Charge My Credit Card?

Eat24 will charge your card right after you place your order, the same way they do when you order on the phone. 

Can I Save My Payment Information At Eat24?

Of course! When you checkout, you can save, add, or remove a credit card.

How are the Menu Prices Determined?

Are your menu prices the same as the restaurant’s? Yes. Menu prices are set by the restaurants themselves. By joining the Grubhub family, restaurants agree to use the same price they have on their in-house menus. If something seems off, please let us know by sending us a note on Contact us page. Eat24 WILL talk to the restaurant and make sure everything is right.

What’s It Cost to Use Eat24?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Though, of course, the food costs money and there may be a delivery fee associated with some restaurants. Delivery fees are determined by each individual restaurant or the delivery service, and you’d be paying them even if you ordered on the phone.

Why Does Eat24 Store My “Past Orders”?

Think of your Past Orders as a greatest hits of your order history. From here you can easily reorder that really good cheeseburger or fried rice with only a few clicks (you can also make edits in case you want chow mein instead of fried rice). Plus, you can also see or print out old receipts here, if that’s the kind of thing you like to do. 

How Do I Search for Restaurants Near Me?

Entering your exact address is the best way to get accurate results. Doing that will show you all the restaurants that offer delivery to your home plus a whole bunch of pickup restaurants within reasonable walking or driving distance.

What If I Want to Change Or Cancel My Order After It’s Already Sent?

Eat24 is here for you 24/7. If you decide you need to cancel or change those fries to tater tots, talk to Customer Care Team on Contact us page. 

What If I Don’t Want Eat24 to Text Me?

No problem. Just reply to Eat24' confirmation text with the word STOP. Oh, and FYI: if you’re using Google Voice, you’ll have to do this directly through their site and/or app.

I Submitted My Order. Now What?

Once you submit your order, Eat24 will send it over to the restaurant. Once they let Eat24 know they’re on it, Eat24 will send you a receipt as well as a text message confirming everything is on track. Feel free to dance, nap, or sing opera while you wait.

How Do I Order At Eat24?

It’s super easy, especially if you’re good at clicking. Start by typing your address and tapping “Search.” Then, Eat24 will show you all the restaurants delivering to you, as well as places that offer pickup. Just select the place that looks the most delicious, choose the food that speaks to your heart (/stomach) and click “Proceed to Checkout.” Place your order and… that’s it. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy.