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HearthSong FAQ

What Does "Out Of Stock" Mean?

Items that are currently unavailable for shipment are referred to as "out of stock." You may still place an order for an out of stock item and it will ship to you as soon as it becomes available. (Expected availability dates are listed with out of stock items - please remember that these are estimated dates of arrival to our warehouse.) You will not be charged for an out of stock item until the item is shipped from the warehouse.

Can I Apply More Than One Coupon to My Order?

HearthSong accepts only one coupon code per order. Please refer to the specific promotion's disclaimer to review the full list of exclusions and terms for that offer; however, unless otherwise indicated, offers cannot be combined. 

Coupons and promo codes acquired through 3rd party sites or external channels not approved by HearthSong/CWDkids may not redeemable as these offers may be expired, are not stackable, or otherwise are invalid. Please sign up for email alerts or refer to HearthSong's web site for the most up-to-date information on discounts, sales events, and special offers.

When Will My Credit Card Be Charged By HearthSong?

HearthSong will obtain authorization for the credit card charges when they process your order. Authorization usually occurs within 24 hours after you place your order. Your credit card will actually be charged when your order is shipped (please note that when you place an order using PayPal your payment will be processed at the time of purchase). You will not be charged for backordered items until they are available for shipping. If HearthSong is unable to secure authorization, you will be contacted by a HearthSong/CWDkids customer service specialist.

Which Credit Cards are Accepted By HearthSong?

HearthSong/CWDkids accepts a variety of credit cards including American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and VISA.

Is It Safe to Use My Credit Card Online?

Yes. HearthSong will encrypt all of your personal information, including your credit card number, when it is sent over the Internet using SSL (secure socket layer) technology. When your browser is in secure mode, a blue bar will appear at the top of the browser window and an unbroken key or lock icon at the bottom right corner of the window. This indicates that the transaction is secure.

Can I Change the Delivery Address?

HearthSong can change the delivery address as long as your order has not been shipped. To request a change, please contact HearthSong at 1-800-533-4397.

What If I Do Not Receive an Order Confirmation Via Email?

You should receive a copy of your online order confirmation via email within an hour of placing your order. You will also receive an email with your order details within 24 hours of placing your order. However, if you do not receive this message, please call HearthSong at 1-800-533-4397 to ensure that your order was received and is being processed.

What Happens After I Place an HearthSong Order?

After you complete the checkout process, a "Thank You" page will appear which will display your online order confirmation number. This number confirms that your order has been placed successfully. HearthSong will send a copy of this online order receipt via email within one hour. 

After your order has been processed at HearthSong/CWDkids, HearthSong will send you a second email with your order number and order details. If there are any problems with your order, one of HearthSong's customer service associates will contact you by telephone or email.