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Overnight Prints FAQ

Can I Make Changes to an Order If It is Already In Production?

Unfortunately, as each order is custom printed, changes cannot be made to an order if it is already in production.

Can I Change the Quantity Of an Order That I Already Placed?

After payment has been processed, changes to an order that affect the total product cost cannot be applied.

Is the Cost for Postage Included In My Mailing Services Order?

Yes, all costs, including postage, have been calculated and added to the total shown on the final order screen of your Mailing Services order.

What Services are Included In Mailing Services?

Mailing Services includes pre-printed indicia of Postcards (if purchased), a merge/purge, CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System), Postal Standardization, Postal Presorting, Data Conversions, custom programming, postage and data confidentiality. 

What is the Difference Between Mailing Services and EDDM?

Direct mail marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers. Ideal for small business owners and other professionals, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) provides mailing services without the need for a mailing list by targeting every household within a select postal route. Mailing Services provides labeling and shipping to exact mailing addresses whether for business or personal mailings.

Can I Print QR Codes Or Microsoft Tags?

Yes, however Overnight Prints cannot be held responsible for any issues with scanning QR codes and/or Microsoft Tags after it has been printed. To optimize your code or tag for print, make sure that the code image is placed on a white background and is not pixelated. Please test the code before file submission. 

The File I Submitted Has White Space Around the Design. Is This Correct?

No, if there is white space around the design, then the file may not contain a Full Bleed.

If you wish to have colored backgrounds or images continue to the edge of the product, they must be extended past the Safe Zone to the Full Bleed margin. If they do not continue to the Full Bleed line, you will most likely end up with white stripes along the edge of the product due to the cutting tolerance.

Why Aren't My Fonts Displaying Correctly In the Preview?

Fonts may not render correctly depending on the external program used and how the file is saved. For best results, we require all text and images to be embedded or outlined prior to uploading the design file. We recommend submitting flattened files to prevent this from occurring.