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World Book Store FAQ

What's the Famous Myths and Legends Of the World?

This new, 12-volume series is packed with history’s most famous myths and legends that span the globe, from the Hawaiians’ tale of the first volcanic eruption to the Australian Aboriginal people’s explanation of the continent’s natural landscape. Along with the stories, readers will find well-researched explanations about the origins of the ancient tales, providing an in-depth look inside the cultures of the people who told them. Accompanied by eye-catching artwork, breathtaking photography, and illuminating details about contemporary time periods, these epic stories will engage readers eager to learn the scientific or historical facts behind the myths.

What's the Building Blocks Of Life Science1?

These books feature whimsical characters to guide young readers through topics exploring the human body systems. Full-page or full-spread diagrams detail the different parts of each body system. This series is perfect for students across a spectrum of reading comprehension and science mastery levels.

What's the Childcraft?

This children’s classic weaves together illustrations, photographs, activities, and a child-friendly tone to create a comprehensive picture of the world. Colorful photos and bold, playful illustrations add to the fun activities and help young children to learn about arts, plants, the universe, earth, human body, history, and more.

Large text is suitable for beginning readers while colorful sidebars and fact boxes break up paragraphs and encourage exploring. Diagrams are used to make sense of concepts when necessary and full-page photos and illustrations cater to the visually inclined. Topped off with a helpful glossary and index, these books are written specifically for children so they can strengthen their research skills and make sense of new ideas without stumbling over high-level vocabulary.

With a whole world to explore wrapped up in 12 updated and expanded volumes, this successful children’s series has proved to be a hit for generations. Give your young learner the books that inspired you as a child.

What's the Animals and Their Habitats?

Want to learn more about animals around the world and their habitats? Then the “Animals and Their Habitats” Set from World Book is perfect for you and your kids to explore the wonderful animal world! Each book in this eight-volume series associates animals with their habitats. From icy polar wastes to scorched deserts to the ocean depths, each volume enumerates representative animals of a habitat. This in-depth and beautifully illustrated series places animals in regional contexts to expand readers’ understanding and appreciation of the living world.