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12Go Asia FAQ

What is the Size Of the Berths?

The upper berths are smaller than the lower ones. If you are 185 cm or less in height, you perfectly fit in an upper berth. If you are taller than this you should try to get a lower one, where you can comfortably fit in if you place yourself in a diagonal way.

How Do I Get From Bangkok to Koh Samui By Train?

12Go Asia has various trips available from Bangkok to Koh Samui. There are combo trips available with train+ferry tickets with transfers included in the trip. Kindly search for the station on top of the page, input the desired date and click on "Find tickets".

Does the Train Leave On Time?

Most of the time it does. Usually when you arrive very early there will be a delay, but on the other hand – when you are running late you can almost be sure Murphy's Law strikes and it will have left on time.

I Want to Go to Ayuttaya Or Hua Hin. Why Doesn't 12Go Asia Has This Train Connection?

State Railways of Thailand gives priority to long distance tickets. Ayuttaya and Hua Hin are simply too close to Bangkok. State Railways releases such tickets only a short period of time before the travel date, so advance booking does not make sense. 12Go Asia can not provide these tickets online. But 12Go Asia can arrange transportation in minivans or get you a wonderful private transfer. 

Why is My Train Not Bookable?

If your train is not bookable it is either sold out already or you have missed to book on time. Train tickets have to be booked in advance. It is not bookable, so you better look for an alternative. 12Go Asia suggest to look for VIP bus connections or flights instead.

Can I Switch Seats With My Travel Companion?

Yes, you can switch seats with your friends as you like.

Are Class II Sleeper Cabins Air Conditioned?

Yes, most of them are. You can see if the class comes with aircon or fan when you book it. The aircon in the trains or buses could be set to a temperature that would make a polar bear smile, so you better make sure you carry an extra jacket or your own blanket. You can also ask the conductor for an extra blanket.

Does the Train Arrive On Time?

No. You can not expect this. The train will either be a few minutes early or late. Hopefully not with a long delay. Travel times are not guaranteed, but if you book a combo ticket train&ferry with 12Go Asia, 12Go Asia will make sure you get on the next free ferry and transfer to the pier is free of charge. And please make sure you have a window of at least 5 hours between your train arrival time and a connecting flight!

Can My Friend / Someone Pick the Thai Railways Ticket for Me?

Yes, if you confirm via the support function on the website that you authorize them to do it. 12Go Asia does it for your and for security, and the person picking tickets needs to sign the tickets upon pickup. This usually has to be payer - 12Go Asia do it to avoid chargebacks from customers claiming they never received tickets; but your authorizing email is also enough to stand as a proof for the bank.

Does 12Go Asia Sell Alcoholic Beverages On the Trains In Thailand?

No, alcohol is not sold on trains anymore. You are not allowed to consume any alcoholic drink on board of the trains or in the station.

I Am Traveling With Children - How Can I Book Train Tickets for Them?

Infants below 3 years travel free of charge, but have to share a seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 years with a height of not more than 150 cm are entitled to a reduced fare (around 10%), but also need to have a ticket. You can buy a normal adult ticket and we will refund the difference in cash when you pick up the tickets, but you have to inform us in advance, so our employees are aware to buy a child ticket. Children are only allowed in lower berths for safety reasons. 

Please note that Myanma has different rules for traveling in trains with children: Children up to 3 years old can travel free of charge if they can share a seat with an adult. However, you will need to pay an adult fare to get a seat for children older than 3 years.

Can I Stay With My Friends Alone In a Class Ii Cabin?

No. Unless you book all 40 seats in a class II railcar. There are no compartments in class II. 

If you travel in a small group we will try to get you seats together.

Is There a Restaurant / Snack Bar In the Train?

The popular trains usually have a restaurant wagon. If you are going on the following trains you most likely will have a restaurant: 9, 10, 13, 14 (Chiang Mai), 35, 36 (Hat Yai), 25, 26 (Nong Khai), 84 and 85 (Suratthani). If you are booked on a VIP cabin we were told the staff on some trains will try everything to prevent you from going to the restaurant. If you want to enjoy it, just go. You can do this, you are not a prisoner. Beverages are not free on trains. If you order or take something you have to pay for it, even if the staff told you before that it's free. If you are on a special diet or on a small budget you can also bring your own food and drinks with you. State Railways of Thailand does not want to see alcoholic beverages on board. Please remember that nothing you get on the train will be free of charge. We heard that some train crews come along with orange juice at the beginning of the ride and some people thought this is complimentary. It is not!

My Departure is Early In the Morning and Your Counter Opens Too Late. What Can I Do?

Don't worry. Contact 12Go Asia using the support form below and 12Go Asia will figure something out.

I Got a New Passport. Can 12Go Asia Change the Number?

If you purchased Railway Tickets, and want to pick them up, yes, 12Go Asia can. Simply contact 12Go Asia and 12Go Asia will update the system. 

If you need to change the passport details for a flight, this might be more difficult. Contact 12Go Asia and 12Go Asia will check if this is possible.

Can I Board a Train In Thailand With a PDF? Do I Have to Exchange It?

You will need to come and pick up the old-fashioned paper train tickets at our counters or have them posted to you. You cannot board the train with the PDF voucher.

Can I Pick Up Train Tickets Before the Travel Date?

Yes, you can. Thai Railways tickets can be picked up anytime after they are confirmed unless you have chosen the option to receive them via post or pick them up at the train station. Please note that after you have picked up the tickets or we have handed them over to the shipping company, 12Go Asia will not be able either refund or change them anymore. If you plan to come days ahead, please notify 12Go Asia in advance and 12Go Asia will have the tickets ready for you. There is no need to pick up bus, ferry or other tickets.

We Want to Sit Together. What Should We Do?

Everybody wants to sit together. Employees always try to get the seats as close to each other as possible. Only in very rare cases, the seats will not be adjacent: for example, when a train is almost fully booked and there are only few seats left. The bigger the group, the higher the chance that not all of its members will stay together.

Is Passport Number Really Necessary? Can I Change Passport Details It After Purchasing Tickets?

Yes, passport numbers are required. Airlines and many other operators do require it to complete the booking. You also need to show your passport when you pick up your Thai train tickets. 

However, if you need to change the passport details after purchasing the tickets, you can do it for all bus, van and ferry operators. You can also change the passport details for train bookings. The airlines are more strict about passport details and will not allow changing the details, or will require paying a fee.

How are Thai Train Tickets Delivered?

The tickets (the boarding passes) will be printed out on special paper and you will need to pick them up. The possible pickup points include our office in Bangkok, the railway station or Bossotel in Chiang Mai; they can be sent to parcel rooms in a number of train stations in Thailand, too. There is also an option to ship them via post. Please note that 12Go Asia do not ship to islands in Thailand due to a large number of lost tickets. 

The pickup point can be selected during checkout.

Can I Travel Together With My Girlfriend / Boyfriend In the Same Cabin?

Yes, you can. Mixed gender is no problem on trains in Thailand. 

If you book a single seat in a VIP compartment with double occupancy, you will be placed together with a person of the same gender.

And 'ladies only' carriages are for ladies only. Just in case you have missed this part.

Where Can I Pick Up My Train Tickets for Thai Railways?

Tickets for the trains departing Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok have to be picked up at office in the DOB Building opposite the station. Take exit #1 from Hua Lamphong MRT station. The building is only 30 meters away from the exit. 

Tickets for the trains departing Chiang Mai railway station can be picked up either at the parcel office inside the train station or 24/7 from the check-in counter in Bossotel, depending on what you selected as your pick-up point. The hotel is right in front of the railway station. You cannot miss it. It is less than a one-minute walk from the station. 

Please note that after you have picked up the tickets, 12Go Asia will not be able either refund or change them anymore.

How Do I Know If My Ticket is Confirmed?

Immediately after the payment you will receive a payment confirmation. In many cases, you will also receive a PDF voucher that will serve as your ticket. 

If you have booked a Thai Railway train ticket, after the payment staff will go to the counter at the railway station to purchase your tickets. As soon as 12Go Asia have your tickets in hand, you will receive a ticket confirmation. Please note that the State Railway of Thailand release their tickets 60 days prior to departure (or, in some cases, 30 days prior to departure). 

After receiving the confirmation, you can come to our office and pick up your tickets. You can do this early or choose to come on the departure date. Please pick up your tickets not less than 60 minutes before departure and have your ID with you.

Other operators often do not provide immediate confirmation for their bookings either. Look for the “Instant” badge on our website to find trips that are confirmed instantly.