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MyFlightSearch FAQ

What Documents Would I Require to Get Through Security At the Airport?

For all domestic flights you will require Boarding Pass, government or state-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver license with a copy of your trip details. Please note that a valid passport is essential for all air travel outside the United States. In addition to the passport, many countries also require a visa for permitting entry.

Will I Need to Reconfirm My Flight?

Yes. You need to reconfirm for international flights 72 hours in advance and for domestic flights about 24 hours in advance. You can do this by calling the Airline service directly. Make sure that they check for any schedule change in their itinerary for it. Airlines also reserve the right to cancel booking if reservations have not been reconfirmed, regardless if the tickets have been issued to you or not.

What are the Different Flight Options Available?

Non-stop flights: These are the flights that don’t stop or change planes at any other airport in between before the final destination arrives. 

Stops but no change of plane flights: These flights may have up to 2 landings and departures that may not be disclosed upon booking, but there is no change of planes

Connecting flights: These flights may make one or more landings and have more than one departure. You will have to disembark the plane and then re-board another flight.

What are the Different Classes Available On the Plane?

Coach/Economy class seating can be found in all airplanes. In addition to them many flights also offer Business seating and First Class seating, and their descriptions can be mentioned as under: 

Coach/Economy class seating is the one in the main cabin area and is usually the least expensive option. Business class seating whenever available tends to feature seats with additional seating space that can recline farther, with more leg room, and also upgraded meal service. Business class tickets cost way more than Economy Class ones but less than First Class tickets. First class seating is usually based nearest to the aircraft front. It has the fewest and also the most comfortable seats, and gives all its occupants access to upgraded meals. Other perks include shorter lines at check-in, use of airline's business lounge at the airport, and more. First Class fares are always the most expensive and aren’t available on all aircrafts.

What is Difference Between Different Kinds Of Possible Trips?

  • Roundtrip means you will be flying to your destination place and also back from there as per your schedule. 
  • One way means you will be flying to your destination place only.
  • Multiple destinations means you will be visiting several locations and thus need to select flights between all those locations.

What Amount Will Be Charged When I Wish to Change My Air Ticket?

When changing your air ticket, a number of penalties may be applied, such as: 

  • Additional penalties as have been imposed by the airline itself 
  • Additional charges that result from the new ticket with a higher fare
  • MyFlightSearch service fee may be applied for making changes on your behalf

What All Documents Will I Need to Make My Travel With?

Need for documents will change based upon the city you would be departing from, the one you are traveling to, at which place you change planes and under what country your passport has been issued. 

To answer this question in the right way, you must call the airline you are traveling with and supply them with all the necessary information. They then will tell you whether you are in need of a visa, passport or any further documentation. Please note here that this information is solely your responsibility. Neither MyFlightSearch nor the airline can be held as accountable if you arrive at the airport with insufficient/invalid travel documents for identification. It is also vital to note that if you don’t have valid or sufficient document(s), the airline can deny you from boarding and you could be left to find some other mode of transportation at your own cost.

What Would Happen to My Baggage When I Have to Change Planes?

If you are planning to change planes and the airlines that you are flying with offers a baggage agreement, your baggage will be checked all through to your final destination. In case the airlines you are flying with don’t have a baggage agreement, it’ll be your responsibility to go to the Baggage Claim section at the very next airport where you would be changing planes and claim baggage there. You must then check the baggage again for continuing flight and have bags checked to the final destination.

How Do I Add More Passengers to an Existing Ticket Booking?

An additional passenger can only be booked by making a new reservation. Please note, fares may change every moment and MyFlightSearch cannot guarantee the availability of the original fare or flight.

When Could I Confirm My Reservation?

Please call the airline at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, in order to reconfirm your reservation. It's also important to remember, you must also reconfirm your Return flights, within the same time frame.

I Made a Reservation Over the Internet. How Can I Figure Out If It is a Paper Ticket Or an E-ticket?

At the time of booking, you will be notified whether you are getting an e-ticket or a paper ticket. However, if the form of your ticket changes due to some technical reasons, MyFlightSearch will notify you within 24 hours of your booking. Occasionally when booking multiple airlines that do not have ticketing agreements MyFlightSearch must issue a paper ticket. In this instance, an email will be sent to you, notifying you of the same.

What is the Fee Charged for Making Changes to Airline Ticket?

When changing your ticket, a number of penalties may apply, including: 

  • Additional penalties imposed by the airline 
  • Additional charges resulting from the new ticket having a higher fare
  • MyFlightSearch service fee will be applied for making the changes on your behalf
  • Please note some airlines may not allow any changes even with a fee

Can I Book a Journey That Also Has a Stopover?

Yes, you can. Many airfares allow stopover(s). Get in touch with us to know more about the same.

Are Taxes Included Too In Listed Airfare?

New Airline Passenger Protection Rules of the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding advertising of airfares & baggage fees became effective on Jan 24, 2012. All flight fares listed from there on include taxes and airline/airport fees associated with ticket price. The ticket price includes base airfare and U.S. & applicable taxes.

Can I Make Some Change to the Ticket Once It Has Been Booked?

Name changes are usually not permitted. Please verify the accuracy of all information before submitting a booking for ticketing. It is solely your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied. To avoid any error it is suggested that the passengers' names as well ages have been matched and double-checked against the passport information at the time of booking.

Is the Airfare Value Guaranteed?

ll airfares are subject to changes without prior notice and will not be guaranteed until payment has been fully received and tickets have been issued out. In the unlikely event of a technical issue causing an incorrect fare being displayed, MyFlightSearch hold the right to advise you about the correct fare within 3 business days after you have made your booking. You may opt to accept new fare or can cancel your booking too.

Why Did the Fare Suddenly Increase While I Was Booking My Flight?

Airfares usually are updated on minute-by-minute basis, and are based upon the demand and availability of the tickets at that time. Between the time of your flight search and the actual booking, seat inventory in a particular class of booking may sell out in full. Airlines then offer their inventory at a relatively higher price: MyFlightSearch monitor these changes closely and always make every effort to keep the inventory and fares in our display as per the current as possible.

How Do I Request for a Special Meal to Be Served to Me During the Flight?

Most of the airlines nowadays charge for in-flight meals or no longer offer free meal service. You would have the option to place a meal request when you could purchase tickets online or you can call up the airline directly. Special requests for meals must be placed at least 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure. These requests are usually not guaranteed and are at airline’s discretion.