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GoEuro FAQ

Do I Need to Bring a Printed Copy Of the Ticket to the Train Station?

Many providers require you to bring a printed copy of the ticket to the station, nevertheless, sometimes just showing the ticket as a PDF on your smartphone is sufficient.

If you’ve already booked your ticket, check for further instructions on the ticket itself or contact the provider directly.

Who Sends My Tickets? When Can I Expect to Receive Them?

You will receive a confirmation of purchase from the transport provider or online agency where you completed the transaction and they’ll send you your tickets. For example, if you book a flight to Manchester and then a train to Liverpool, you should receive two confirmations and two types of ticket – one for your flight and another for your train.

How are Driving Times and Fuel Costs Calculated?

The estimates for driving times are worked out using a number of different factors, including official speed limits, the types of road encountered along the way and real-time traffic information. Fuel costs are roughly based on the average cost of petrol in Europe (€1.60 per litre/ 8 litres per 100km). Of course, consumption and cost of petrol varies greatly, depending on the type of vehicle used, as well as the country and currency. Please note that GoEuro does not provide a car service, GoEuro is simply suggesting an alternative method to complete the last leg of the journey.

Why are Transit Connections to / From My Airport Missing?

There may be several reasons for a missing transit connection to an airport. In some cases the current partners don't offer services to a specific airport. Alternatively it may be that your chosen flight is too early or late for transit connections. Otherwise, it could simply be that the airport is not directly accessible using public transport.

For most airports in Europe GoEuro has information regarding transport between airports and the surrounding city centers.

How Far In Advance Can I Search for Tickets On GoEuro?

Due to the huge range of sources from which GoEuro draws information, the search and booking of tickets in advance depends on the mode of transport and the countries involved in the journey. You can search for flights for up to a year in advance while train and bus schedules are provided GoEuro - varying from country to country - between 30 and 120 days in advance.

How Can I Find the Bus / Train Stations?

Bus stops and train stations show up once you hover over the city / town names and again during the payment stage. Trains and buses usually depart and arrive at the main station in the city / town. All the details are included in the ticket confirmation that you will receive upon booking.

How Can I Sort My Results?

After your search, there’s a summary table where you can see the price and total journey time as well as the different routes you can take to reach your destination. Click on the tab showing your preferred mode of transport and play with our filters on the left hand side of the results page to optimise the list. You can use the filters on GoEuro to plan trips that are specific to your personal preferences regarding a number of different factors: how you want to travel, your budget, departure and arrival time, duration and even the number of changes. Alternatively, for your convenience, you can sort the search results by cheapest, fastest, departure time and arrival time.

What is Multi-mode Travel?

Multi-mode travel is the term used for when you take different forms of transport in order to reach a final destination. When people travel, they usually need to make a smaller trip to get them to the main leg of their journey – driving a car or taking the train to and from the airport for instance. We compare and combine these options, helping you decide what the most suitable route is.

Example 1: London to Paris – We display the time/cost for train, bus, flight or car. You’ll notice that taking the high-speed-train is actually quicker than flying, once you factor in the journeys to and from the airport and the waiting times. Pretty useful, right?

Example 2: Heidelberg to Prague – Since Heidelberg doesn’t have its own airport, we show you the train connections and prices to the airports nearest to it. With this information you should have a better idea of the journey time and costs.

GoEuro automatically searches for multi-mode combinations when air travel to/from destinations is available and then compares the difference between those results. Where a connection isn’t available, we display driving times along with the estimated petrol consumption.

Do I Need to Print My Ticket?

Many providers require you to bring a printed copy of the ticket to the station, nevertheless, sometimes just showing the ticket as a PDF on your smartphone is sufficient.

If you’ve already booked your ticket, check for further instructions on the ticket itself or contact the provider directly.

Can I Change the Name, Passport Or ID Number On My Ticket?

The tickets you receive are created by our system automatically, using the information entered during the booking process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this information once a ticket has been generated.

Generally, if a mistake is minor (such as one letter being missing or wrong) or logical (such as mix-up of the first and second name), this shouldn’t cause you any problems travelling as staff are aware that when booking online mistakes can happen.

However, as a travel search and booking platform, GoEuro cannot guarantee that any ticket with incorrect details will be valid. If you have any concerns regarding the passenger details on your ticket, GoEuro recommendS checking with the travel provider directly to see if your ticket will be accepted. The name of your travel provider will be printed on your ticket.

What is GoEuro?

GoEuro is a convenient multi-mode search engine for all major forms of travel in Europe. GoEuro compares and combines air, bus and train options for many destinations throughout Europe – both big and small – not just cities lucky enough to have an airport. GoEuro works out the overall travel time and costs, making it easier for you to plan and budget your trip.

is GoEuro a Transport Company Or a Travel Agency?

GoEuro is an easy-to-use travel search and booking platform that goes a step further than other travel search engines. GoEuro's results compare all the possible combinations offered by our travel partners, which allows for transparency with no hidden agenda: GoEuro doesn’t operate our own flights, buses or trains. In short, GoEuro is an independent entity and as such, you can rest assured knowing that the results on the screen will always be unbiased and true.

Can I Cancel My Ticket?

You can cancel your tickets online by entering your email address, booking number, and the name of the travel company into the online ticket cancellation form. The name or the logo of the travel company will be on your ticket. You can also check the refundable amount before deciding to proceed since many travel companies charge cancellation fees.