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Where Can I Download CleanMyMac 2?

You may have noticed CleanMyMac 2 can no longer be found on site. That’s because we have replaced it with CleanMyMac 3. We truly loved the CleanMyMac 2 app, but MacPaw believes that CleanMyMac 3 is so much better.

For all users who would like to continue using CleanMyMac 2, FAQ and Knowledge Base sections remain available on the MacPaw website. We also continue to provide support to users who have decided to keep using CleanMyMac 2.

What is CleanMyMac 3 Menu?

The Menu gives you quick access to useful features of CleanMyMac 3 and lets you monitor your Mac’s health. For example, you can launch CleanMyMac 3, free up RAM, get hardware alerts, and empty Trash.

How Exactly Does Photo Junk Work?

The Photo Junk module scans your Photos library (or iPhoto, if you haven’t upgraded to Photos yet) to remove useless junk only. In Photos, it’s iCloud local copies, Faces cache, and other app-related cache. In iPhoto, it’s invisible original versions of files that were automatically or manually modified. For instance, if you imported a photo from your camera and then rotated and cropped it, iPhoto will keep an unrotated, uncropped copy of it as a backup. You can remove these unnecessary files to decrease the size of your photo library significantly.

Is CleanMyMac 3 Safe to Use?

CleanMyMac 3 differs from other cleaners because of its simplicity and safety. In particular, CleanMyMac 3 has the Safety Database that has been regularly updated during the past 5 years.

Why Do I Get the “could Not Connect” Or “internal Service Error” Message When I Try to Activate CleanMyMac 3?

This message is usually displayed when CleanMyMac 3 is unable to connect to the server for activation. The point is, it needs to connect to the server to verify the activation key. However, sometimes CleanMyMac 3 can be blocked from connecting by a firewall or other Internet security solutions.

If you have received this error, please make sure CleanMyMac 3 is not being blocked by any security solutions. If you are sure it's not, please try connecting to a different network for activation. Sometimes network security settings can block the connection.

What are the Limitations Of the CleanMyMac 3 Trial Version?

The trial version of CleanMyMac 3 scans your Mac entirely but only allows you to clean up to 500 MB of unnecessary files on your Mac. Also, it provides only basic utilities functionality and runs a limited number of scripts. However, you can use secure removal feature of the Shredder module, monitor your Mac's health via CleanMyMac 3 Menu, or clean up RAM without any limitations.

What are the System Requirements for CleanMyMac 3?

CleanMyMac 3 requires OS X 10.8 or higher and around 50 MB of free space to operate. In particular, if you have macOS 10.9 or its higher version, you can update to any latest CleanMyMac version. Users of macOS 10.8 can install CleanMyMac 3.8.4 or earlier versions of CleanMyMac 3.

Do I Need CleanMyMac 3 If There's Storage Optimization Available in MacOS 10.12 Sierra?

CleanMyMac 3 app perfectly complements Optimized Storage from Apple. When equipped with both, you get maximum free space and you can be sure every corner of your Mac is junk-free. While Apple's Optimized Storage works for system applications, CleanMyMac is doing more and optimizes the whole Mac.

Is Cleanmymac 3 Compatible With MacOS High Sierra?

Yes, CleanMyMac 3 is fully compatible with the latest macOS High Sierra.