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Teleflora Flowers FAQ

What Colors are the Balloons?

Teleflora Flowers uses Mylar balloons, which are multi-colored and come with a message specific to your occasion. Your floral designer will select a balloon that is the perfect finishing touch for your gift.

What Can I Do If I Made a Mistake In My Order?

Never fear, help is here! If you need to change the order, let Teleflora Flowers know as soon as possible so they can correct the error before it goes to the florist. Send Teleflora Flowers an email through the customer service page on Include the confirmation number and how the order should be corrected. Teleflora Flowers will update the order and send you a reply when it is done. If you prefer, you can call 800-493-5610 to speak to a customer service agent.

What is the Cost for an International Order?

There is a relay fee of $15 in addition to the regular service fee of $15.99. The minimum order for each country varies. Call 800-493-5610 to contact a customer service agent for that information.

What Credit Cards Does Teleflora Flowers Accept?

Teleflora Flowers accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and Carte Blanche cards on this website. Some of their marketing partners, such as Sears and Fingerhut, accept other.

Does Teleflora Flowers Charge Sales Tax?

Sometimes. Orders delivered to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Michigan are subject to sales tax. Orders placed from Arkansas and Oklahoma are also subject to sales tax. You will have an opportunity to review this amount before submitting your order.

What Can I Do If the Website Doesn’t Display Correctly? It’s a Jumbled Mess!

Please make sure you’re using the most recent version of your browser program. If not, you may need to download an update from the software maker’s website.  

Does the problem occur when you go to other sites? You may need a computer nerd to defrag your hard drive or clean out any viruses or malware on your machine. You can also try restarting your computer to close applications running in the background.  

If you want to place an order or get help from customer service, please call 800-493-5610 to speak to a customer service agent.

I Didn’t Get a Confirmation. How Can I Know Teleflora Flowers Got My Order?

If you didn’t get a confirmation, there’s a very good chance there was a glitch and your order did not complete. To confirm your order, send Teleflora Flowers an email through the online customer contact form. If you email, send Teleflora Flowers your name, the email address, and your phone number as you entered them in the order form. Do not email your credit card information.

Will Teleflora Flowers Leave an Arrangement On the Porch Or Front Step?

Teleflora Flowers will, but usually they would rather not. Hot sun, wind, freezing temps, dogs and cats can wreak havoc on your gift very quickly. Of course, Teleflora Flowers will honor your request if you put a note in the Special Instructions section saying “please leave it at the door if no one is at home.” Or if the shop has contacted the recipient and knows they will be home soon, they might make an exception.

Can Teleflora Flowers Deliver to a Gated Community, Secure Building Or Military Base?

Of course Teleflora Flowers can…with a little anticipation! Be sure you give them a daytime phone number for the person receiving the flowers. Two phone numbers are twice as nice! And put a note in the Special Instructions section of the order to let Teleflora Flowers know it’s a secure area or building. Some facilities will allow delivery to a gate guard or main office, so let Teleflora Flowers know if that’s an option.

Does Teleflora Flowers Can Deliver At a Specific Time?

Teleflora Flowers can't guarantee it, but they will do their best! Just add a note in the Special Instructions section. For example, say "deliver before 3:00 PM, she leaves work then." That way the driver will know to make it a priority.