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Why Has My Payment Failed?

  1. It may have been caused by a delayed return notice from the bank, which lead to the payment time out and the order being closed.If this happens, please our customer service as soon as possible. We will refund your payment.
  2. It may have been caused by duplicated payments (one order has been paid twice). In this way, please do not worry and contact our customer service as soon as possible. We will refund you the second payment.

What is the Validity(the Expiry Date and Manufacture Date) for Oversea Products?

Overseas products normally list “Expiry Date”, or “Manufacture date” and “Best Before”, or “batch number”, such as Japan and Europe Goods. All the oversea items at XIJI.COM are high-qualified and premium products.

Why are Some Products’packaging Very Simple, Even Without Boxes Or Plastic Sealing?

Oversea products are obviously very different from domestic products. The oversea brands pay more attention to environment and portability, instead of luxury packaging. Please kindly understand it.

Why is the Price Changing Every Day and Do You Provide the Refund Service for the Different Prices?

The price is changing due to the fluctuations of currency exchange rate. Refund for price changes cannot be applicable in this case.