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How Do I Apply an Existing RSS Feed to a New Release?

Select the group you'd like to assign your release to using the "Assign to RSS Feed" drop-down menu to the right of the headline of your press release. Once you've selected the proper group, your release will be assigned to that group. You can also assign it from the "Features" menu.

Will Prweb Get Me More Backlinks to My Website?

PRWeb does not sell backlinks, but there are lots of ways to increase your chances of getting them.

One of the main benefits of PRWeb is that your news reaches a community of influencers: journalists, bloggers, Web publishers and more. If they think your news is interesting and relevant, they will share your story with their own audiences. This will lead to more traffic to your own website, and an increase in original, relevant links to your site - increasing your site's search ranking.

How Long Will My News Release Stay On PRWeb?

Your release remains online at forever.

Can I Target My Distribution to a Specific Geographical Area?

PRWeb's distribution is global. You may select Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to categorize your news, but selecting an MSA does not target your distribution to that region. It simply categorizes your news with other news from that geographical area, making it easier for journalists and consumers from those target areas to find your release.

What is an Editorial Hold?

When a release submitted to PRWeb does not meet PRWeb's editorial standards, an editor places it on editorial hold status to allow you time to make revisions. You will be notified by e-mail of this status change and the required revisions needed. You are welcome to contact an editor if you need additional assistance.

What is My News Release Tracking Number and Where Do I Find It?

Each release has a unique number assigned to it when you enter it into the system. The seven-digit number for each of your news releases is listed in your News Management Console with the headline, distribution date and other data. In addition, your receipt, order confirmation and editorial approval e-mail contain this information. You may need to reference this number when you are talking with an editor

Once I Save My Release, Can I Change Or Preview the Copy?

When you've saved your news release, you will see your release listed in ‘My Releases.’ To edit your release simply select ‘edit.’

What Kind Of Contact Information Does PRWeb Require to Submit a News Release?

PRWeb requires a valid contact name, e-mail address and phone number before we can distribute your news releases. The information you specify will be provided in the Contact Information bar to the right of the news release and will be available to the public and the media. The e-mail address will be hidden behind a secure "email us here" link to prevent spam.

How Do I Include a Video In My News Release?

The Media Visibility release package lets you embed a video in the release. Use the embed code from your publicly-hosted video (on a service like YouTube, Yahoo Video or Vimeo). When you are creating your release, just click on the space reserved for your video and follow the instructions to add your embed code.

How Do I Attach Files Or Images to My News Release?

Your PRWeb account contains a File Library that makes it easy for you to upload images and file attachments. Please note that each attachment must be less than 2MB.

How Do I Add Text Links to My News Release?

The easiest way to select your anchor text is by highlighting the keyword(s) you would like linked within the body content and then clicking on the link icon. The system will ask you to provide the link's URL and some type of title ("My Website" for instance). Which words you choose to use for your links (anchor text) are important for SEO purposes.

How Long Should a News Or Press Release Be?

The optimum length for an online release is 300 to 800 words. Keep in mind that the length of your release can directly affect your distribution. News or press releases shorter than 300 words often are missing important elements and may not be recognized by the search engines as a news release. Search engines also may flag long releases as something other than a release and not index them as news.

If I Have Questions About Content Within a Press Release Whom Do I Contact?

If you have questions regarding information presented in a press release, please contact the company that issued the press release, not PRWeb. PRWeb will not be able to assist you with your inquiry and disclaims all content contained in the press releases on the PRWeb site.

How is PRWeb Different From Other News Distribution Services?

Traditional wire services focus on getting text-based press releases to financial and mainstream media outlets. PRWeb leverages online channels including search engines and social media to connect customers with the end consumer through vivid multimedia news releases.

What is PRWeb?

PRWeb is a leading online news and press release distribution service, owned by Vocus, Inc.

The goal of PRWeb is to help businesses get the business they deserve -- and the publicity -- by providing users everything they need to create, distribute and track online news releases.